The Goulding Method

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A simple, safe method for parents helping children establish emotional intelligence, loving attachment and acceptance.


Childhood Fears

Addressing Childhood Fears Fear of Dogs Mum called feeling very distressed about her daughter, E who had been suffering a real phobia of dogs and

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Separation anxiety, Fear

A Goulding Method Consultant talks about case histories.  The Goulding Method Process is a method whereby parents are involved in building self esteem and an

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PTSD / Visual Hallucinations / Fear

Yarra Valley Practitioners Project (YVPP) for Children – Case Study mothers report:  “Some months after the fires my son developed a significant post-traumatic stress disorder

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Fear and lack of confidence

Feedback received: “A little girl 5 years of age with lots of fears. ‘S’ has separation anxiety, going to others, fear of school outings, of

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