Bedwetting – Fear – Behaviour – ADHD – Sleepwalking

Feedback. “A 6 year old boy with attention disorders, anxiety, stress and self-confidence with anger, aggression issues and nightmares. Only the mother would agree to present the process and there is a history of family background distress but he has a positive sibling relationship. Phase 1 suggestions were offered and applied over 3 months with […]

Childhood Fears

Addressing Childhood Fears Fear of Dogs Mum called feeling very distressed about her daughter, E who had been suffering a real phobia of dogs and also with high levels of social anxiety and separation issues. The teachers at ‘E’s’ primary school had also noted that E had been seen quite often on her own in […]

Separation anxiety, Fear

A Goulding Method Consultant talks about case histories.  The Goulding Method Process is a method whereby parents are involved in building self esteem and an awareness of unconditional love in their children, as well as dealing with behavioral and emotional issues. is a valuable parenting tool for all parents.

PTSD / Visual Hallucinations / Fear

Yarra Valley Practitioners Project (YVPP) for Children – Case Study mothers report:  “Some months after the fires my son developed a significant post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) including visual hallucinations.  With psychological support, a trip away and a summer without fires he improved but remained anxious, unable to separate from us easily and with ongoing vague physical symptoms. […]

Fear and lack of confidence

Feedback received: “A little girl 5 years of age with lots of fears. ‘S’ has separation anxiety, going to others, fear of school outings, of noise, of being alone and if also fearful of expressing her opinions. She has lots of temper tantrums and lacks confidence. At the completion of Phase 1, ‘S’ is less […]

Overcoming Trauma and Fear

This is a case history of a 7 year old child, who was trying to deal with trauma and fear. Names have been changed to protect confidentiality. My sincere thanks are offered to the parents for allowing us to share their very personal journey. Young B was a normally happy and very active little fellow. […]