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A simple, safe method for parents helping children establish emotional intelligence, loving attachment and acceptance.

Goulding Method®

“The Goulding Method® is a proven parents’ solution as it supports parents and families dealing with minor and major challenges for families. It’s like brushing our teeth every night. We would never ever not do it.”

I have worked with many hundreds of families over the last 45+ years and where the process is applied, there is always success. And my accredited Goulding Method® Consultants who teach my process report exactly the same. It has quite simply changed the lives of thousands of families all over the world.
– Joane Goulding

The products available via Consultants or Trainers give directions for the first stage of the process. If you go through this stage and feel that you need to address some specific issues with your child, then we would recommend to speak to a Goulding Method® Consultant in more detail and revise the process with an adjusted statement to address the issue.

Find a Consultant in your area to get started with resources for parents.

Understanding Brain Waves – Dr Joe Dispenza

The Founder of the Goulding Method had the pleasure of meeting Dr Joe Dispenza in Australia. His YouTube Video description of brainwave frequencies concurs with the Method. We acknowledge with thanks, permission from the Encephalon Inc organization to share this information.

Dr Joe Dispenza, author of numerous books about the brain, talks about brain waves states, which are an integral part of how and why the Goulding Method works.

Joane Goulding created this effective drug free method offering parents a loving, effective, self-empowering opportunity to support their family. It is a simple, safe process for parents wanting to assist their children to establish a sense of emotional intelligence, loving attachment and acceptance. The method is taught by accredited members of the healing professions around the world.

The method is presented to a sleeping child, offering a simplistic yet very dynamic method of providing a unique supportive structure. The method is presented to the child’s sleeping subconscious mind when receptive to alternative thoughts. It’s as easy as directing your child to ensure they brush their teeth each night.

The Goulding Method, created way back in 1974, has assisted so many families. Initially created to support a specific situation, the method now assists and supports all children.

It is a non-invasive method parents can present without cost or drugs as long as there is commitment to the method, consistent presentation each evening and compliance following the suggestions.

The proven method reminds children they are loveable and have the right to be loved, reinforcing a feeling of being unconditionally loved.

The strength of the method is its simplicity both in content and application. Allowing acceptance of emotional hugs and creating happiness insurance, a gift that keeps on giving for life. It’s a gentle method establishing emotional intelligence and a sense of independence, attachment and acceptance. 

It’s not what we leave to our children that matters.  It’s the knowledge that we leave in their minds.

As parents, you talk, they listen – creating happiness while they sleep. The Goulding Method is about supporting parents and children with a gift that lasts a life time.


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