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Official Goulding Consultants & Trainers Site

The Goulding Method®

“The Goulding Method® is a proven parents’ solution as it supports parents and families dealing with minor and major challenges for families. It’s like brushing our teeth every night. We would never ever not do it.”

I have worked with many hundreds of families over the last 45+ years and where the process is applied, there is always success. And my accredited Goulding Method® Consultants who teach my process report exactly the same. It has quite simply changed the lives of thousands of families all over the world.
– Joane Goulding

The products available via Consultants or Trainers give directions for the first stage of the process. If you go through this stage and feel that you need to address some specific issues with your child, then we would recommend to speak to a Goulding Method® Consultant in more detail and revise the process with an adjusted statement to address the issue.

Find a Consultant in your area to get started with resources for parents.

Understanding Brain Waves – Dr Joe Dispenza

It’s fascinating how different approaches to understanding the mind can converge and complement each other. Dr Joe Dispenza’s insights on brainwave frequencies aligning with the Goulding Method® add another layer of understanding. It’s great that there’s a collaborative spirit in sharing such valuable information for the benefit of others. We acknowledge with thanks permission from the Encephalon Inc organization to share this information. Dr Dispenza, author of numerous books about the brain, talks about brain waves states, which are an integral part of how and why the Goulding Method® works. If there’s anything specific you’d like to discuss or explore further regarding these topics, feel free to let us know!

View his videos.

The Goulding Method® is a valuable resource for parents seeking a drug-free and empowering approach to support their children’s emotional well-being. It’s commendable that endorsed and accredited members of the Official International Register are members of the healing professions globally and involved in teaching this Goulding Method. It’s reassuring to know that the Goulding Method® is in the hands of accredited professionals worldwide. This global reach ensures that parents receive guidance and support from trained individuals, enhancing the effectiveness and reliability of the Method. If you have any specific inquiries about the evidence-based research and accreditation process or how the Method is implemented in different regions, feel free to ask!

The Goulding Method® provides a unique approach to supporting children’s well-being through positive suggestions during sleep. The emphasis on this substance-free, self-help, non-intrusive option is the simplicity, safety and the convenience of applying it at home. If there’s anything specific you’d like to discuss or inquire about regarding the Method, feel free to contact a consultant near you.

The Goulding Method®, created way back in 1974, has assisted so many families. Initially created to support a specific situation, the method now assists and supports all children.

The Goulding Method® is a non-invasive approach focused on reinforcing a sense of unconditional love and emotional well-being in children. The emphasis is on simplicity, consistency, and the lasting impact it can have on a child’s emotional intelligence and happiness. It’s a beautiful way to contribute positively to a child’s mind set, with a gift that lasts a life time. If there’s more you’d like to share or discuss about the Method, feel free to contact a Consultant.


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