Confidence and Anxiety

My conclusion: The changes seen are great and very encouraging showing the Method has been implemented correctly by parent and the Foundation Statements accepted by ‘S’. However, she seems to still have an underlying level of anxiety that expresses with health issues (psoriasis) and it seems that there is a risk of developing a bad […]

Sleeping & Confidence

Sleeping & Confidence   With my 7 year old daughter, we had issues with her anger, insecurity and with her coming into our bed in the middle of the night, which was causing tension within the family, as we could not find a productive method that worked and prevented all this.   The first night […]

Improving Concentration and Confidence

Improving Confidence & Concentration Consultant report: Parents used the Goulding Method ™ process for her 6 year old daughter to improve her concentration and confidence. I worked with both parents, however, mum was the main parent doing the ™. I found the concept of The Goulding Method- interesting and so when Paola was asking for […]

Improvement at school and in sport

Consultant report: Parents used the Goulding Procress – ™  for both their children, their son aged 9 and their daughter aged 6, to improve their confidence. I worked with ‘E’ on her own. However, she taught her husband the process and they took turns in doing the nightly routine. ‘E’ sent me this case history […]


I woke up to a lovely message from one of my Mums today, she has a 7 year old daughter who is diabetic and has a fear of needles. She has been using The Goulding Method-   for 4 1/2 months. It was a struggle at first because there was a huge abreaction from ‘A’. […]

Feedback – Behaviour & Confidence

I have been lucky enough to meet Joane Goulding and learn the correct techniques of for  my two boys, aged 5 and 2. Not only has improved their behaviour, the whole dynamics of our family has improved. We have an overall calmer and happier attitude and show love and respect to each other. I am […]


Improved Confidence I was spurred on today to send this email as I had a client who uses the Goulding Method – with her children each night and says since doing so his confidence has improved and they have a more peaceful household – isn’t that wonderful! Lee Simmons – Victoria 2013   Self-Esteem Rising “Very […]

A parent’s gratitude

Parent feedback – Comment: I just want to pass on my intense gratitude to Joane for the beautiful gift that is The Goulding Method – . I’m not one to reach out or write reviews on books or products but feel compelled this time to let Joane know that she has truly changed my life […]

Behaviour, eating issues, tantrums and confidence

Katie talks about how The Goulding Method process helped her son sleep better, enjoy his food more and feel calmer and happier within himself. Katie describes the stress that she felt prior to learning this method and how she has been able to help her son develop a confidence that is helping him to thrive […]