Bedwetting – Fear – Behaviour – ADHD – Sleepwalking

Feedback. “A 6 year old boy with attention disorders, anxiety, stress and self-confidence with anger, aggression issues and nightmares. Only the mother would agree to present the process and there is a history of family background distress but he has a positive sibling relationship. Phase 1 suggestions were offered and applied over 3 months with […]

Sensory Processing, ADHD, Dysgraphia, Sleep Issues, Anxiety

Joane has a wealth of knowledge and is extremely caring and supportive. I cannot thank her enough for her work and can’t wait to see how this journey continues to unfold. I have become very aware of discussing any medical or negative conversations about my child out of his hearing. Everything goes into the computer […]

ADHD Boy with a list of issues

 Now marked improvement   Hi Joane, just wanted to share a lovely outcome from a family with a boy whose intake information included: Headaches, Anxiety, Food Issues, ADD/ADHD, Nightmares, Lacking in Confidence, Sibling Rivalry.   He was playing truant, and has been under the paediatrician and prescribed Ritalin. Mother’s reason for visit: to get ‘J’ […]

ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder

From a mother’s perspective, I found the process a beautiful one. It gives me the opportunity to reflect daily on what matters most; unconditional love. Over the months, I found myself much more accepting of “H’s” imperfections. In the past I was very anxious about his lack of desire to help others or lack of […]

Attention Deficit Disorder

Sharon Clarke, a Natural Therapist and Psychotherapist with a large practice in Queensland, shares the following case history. Jamie, a five year old, presented with his mother in June 1995. He displayed aggressive behaviour, which was bordering on self-destructive. After extensive conversations with his mother, it was found that this behaviour was not common in […]