The Goulding Method

Official Goulding Consultants & Trainers Site

A simple, safe method for parents helping children establish emotional intelligence, loving attachment and acceptance.

Improving Concentration and Confidence

Improving Confidence & Concentration Consultant report: Parents used the Goulding Method ™ process for her 6 year old daughter to improve her concentration and confidence. I worked with both parents, however, mum was the main parent doing the ™. I found the concept of The Goulding Method- interesting and so when Paola was asking for […]

Self-esteem, memory & concentration

March 2010 Hello Joane, Thank you so much for your inspirational book. You have made me a very happy mother, my son has had very low self-esteem and it didn’t matter what I told him he didn’t believe in himself. Now he has started to be proud of who he is and his achievements. I […]


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