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Fear and lack of confidence

Feedback received: “A little girl 5 years of age with lots of fears. ‘S’ has separation anxiety, going to others, fear of school outings, of noise, of being alone and if also fearful of expressing her opinions. She has lots of temper tantrums and lacks confidence.

At the completion of Phase 1, ‘S’ is less shy, she willingly participants in school outings, temper tantrums have decreased and she plays willingly alone. However she still accepts all that her friends ask of her, as she is afraid that her girlfriends do not like her.

At the completion of the 2nd Phase: ‘S’ has improved  a lot. She is willing to express herself more and is much less disturbed by noises.”  

Accredited Consultant: Maria Amella-Burcher – France


Ten year old sibling of Case 1 presents as a well adjusted young person with no apparent need for .  Joane encourages the parents to use the Foundation process on the sibling also.  After 2-3 weeks the brother’s name is inserted into the Foundation statements. (as per case 1).

Case 2 is a competitive acrobat, having represented the state at National Level at the age of nine.  On the surface she seems capable and the sort of person who takes everything in her stride.  However, she is actually highly stressed due to the demands of competition and she is starting to doubt her ability to execute certain skills within the routine.
Joane and the girl’s mother quickly work together (first qualifying competition is three weeks away) to come up with some primary suggestions to add to the Foundation process.

The ‘Specific’ suggestion they choose incorporated statements that encouraged remaining calm, relaxed, secure and remaining positive”.

Due to school holidays and absences of other members of the team, it is uncertain for the first two weeks if the primary suggestions are being accepted.  At the first training session of the new term, with only one training session to go before the competition, case 2 reports how she executed the routine from start to finish, including her back sault to tummy (her primary fear), with absolutely no assistance from the coaches.  She is clearly delighted with her performance.


Aged 4 years ‘E’ is still reliant on her dummy/pacifier. The habit does not seem to be easing the older she is getting. She is very good in the morning in terms of not needing it, however later in the afternoon, around bath time and the more tired she becomes the more dependent on the dummy she becomes. She also takes her younger brothers dummy. Other issues that have been raised is specifically around separation anxiety, as she lacks a bit of independence and this comes through in her needing to sleep with Mom in the middle of the night or being fussy when dropped off at school. 

Sleep issues are also a challenge as ‘E’ doesn’t like to sleep in her own bed, not wanting to greet new people and being quite shy. In terms of her eating habits, she can be quite fussy about what she wants to eat. But is quite strong willed and is capable of getting her own food or water or will stick to a singular item to eat like only bacon or only chicken on some days. 

Mom has definitely found the process the most useful and encouraging. She has thoroughly enjoyed implementing this into her household and has called it a very “beautiful process”. ‘E’ has systematically begun to desensitise the dummy habit. Other notable improvements ‘E’ has also begun to sleep in her own bed, has decreased the dependency on Mom, going to bed and falling asleep by herself. Mom has successfully completed The Goulding Method process, with positive results and feedback. 

Accredited Consultant: Tarryn Pickup – Sth Africa

Feedback received: “A little girl of 8yrs was having trouble building relationships with other children of. She over-reacts, feels rejected by others and was the victim of school bullying by her peers.

At the end of the first phase, ‘C’ now associates herself better with others and conflicts have less impact. She has a lot of confidence in her relationships and expressing her thoughts.

The suggestions chosen to offer further support in Phase 2, enabled ‘C’ to develop her confidence and she now feels proud of herself.”

Accredited Consultant: Rose-Marie Mauron – Genève


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