Feedback: “A sensitive young girl ‘E’ is very stressed and dealing with nightmares when she lost one of her parents. The Goulding Method was started and after 3 months her nightmares began to reduce and the parent is continuing to present the process.” 2022

A Miracle

  We were in Crisis. My name is Audra, and I am Mom to two beautiful daughters who inspire me daily to be a better me.   I have my BA in Elementary Education with a minor in special education from the University of Wyoming. I have taught 3rd grade at an International Bachelorette School in […]

OCD / Nightmares / Speech / Anger

Yarra Valley Practitioners Project (YVPP) for Children – Case study mothers report: Our experience with so far – 29.7.10 -17.2.11 “I first heard about in our school newsletter.  My son was just about to turn 6 years old and in the middle of prep at primary school.  We did not lose our home or loved […]

Asperger’s Syndrome / Anxiety / Nightmares

Session 1 Presenting Issue “J” is a very anxious child who has a fear of being left behind by his parents. He is also experiencing night tremors, stuttering, nail biting, lack of confidence and is melodramatic and “sooky”. Detailed Case History “J” was lost at a carnival a year before and since then does not […]

Pre-school issues, anger, nightmares

June 2010 Dear Joane, I received the book and CD about a week ago. I have read the book, all except the last 2 chapters, and I have been using it for 6 nights now. I didn’t realise that I should have listened to the CD before beginning, will do that tomorrow (I thought the […]


Nightmares Feedback received: “Waking up a lot at night for 8 year old ‘T’ is the primary issue. She is very agitated, has lots of nightmares and sucks her thumb.  After the 1st Phase she is improving and does not wake during the night. Her agitation however is still an issue although changes are happening.  […]