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A simple, safe method for parents helping children establish emotional intelligence, loving attachment and acceptance.

Overcoming fear of using toilet

Charmaine here from your Queensland class on Friday, I just wanted to let you know the most amazing thing. Friday night when I came home I typed up the new poo statement for Ethan Friday night was the new version. Saturday afternoon my husband called to say that Ethan had taken himself off to the […]

Toilet issues

Amazing after one week After a week I saw results. ‘C’ had begun a fear of going to the toilet for his bowel movement. He used to hold on with all of his body, shaking and on holiday was pressing his face on the patio window to stop it coming out. He held on for […]

Fear of Doing Poo

Hi Natalie, thank you so much for introducing me to . Since I have used it I have transitioned my son ‘R’ back to a happier disposition in life. Thank you so much Natalie for helping me through this. I have been using for approximately 6 months and the best thing that we have achieved […]

Toileting, Anxiety, Sibling Rivalry Issues

Presenting Situation. “Jan 5th 2011 – ‘N’ is an 8 year old girl presenting with bedwetting and faecal enuresis. Her parents have tried “everything” in the past and she has been undergoing counselling in the past year.  Though a very bright child, N’s parents report extreme anxiety and difficult behaviours, notably a troubled relationship with […]

Scared of Pooing

“3 yr. boy was only pooing in his nappy, was going to the toilet for wee, but would hold on to poo and cause constipation, until he had a nappy on.  He would say he was scared to poo in potty or toilet.  He was also scared to go to bed, would have night mares […]

Toilet training, pooing anxiety

we hope this helps other parents… We first started to toilet train our son when he was about 2 and then felt he wasn’t quite ready so we backed off. Our daughter was born when he was 2years and 2months old. This probably took our focus away from the situation for a few months and […]


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