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Solutions for your child

Suggestions presented to our children stay with them for life.

“By hearing enough examples of positive and effective thoughts, delivered by a person with whom the child enjoys a close and loving relationship, the child can eventually discard negative feelings and self-defeating statements and replace them with powerful and useful ones. In this sense the process, now called The Goulding Method shares many parallels with a well-recognized psychological therapeutic approach known as self-instruction or self-verbalization.”

Alex Bartsch, BA (Hons) Psychology
Director, Zenith Professional Development
(Corporate psychology consultant & former Police Homicide Detective)


“With a background in Social and Clinical Psychology, and as a Certified Master Hypnotherapist, I have spent more than two decades focusing on working with clients of all ages dealing with challenges such as trauma, anxiety, and other forms of neurodivergence. My experience has been in working with diverse populations such as adults and children suffering from the effects of abuse, Pre-K and Kindergarten age children, teens in after-school programs and group homes, parents in training programs, people dealing with chronic pain and addiction, and burned-out caregivers.

Working with many distraught parents through the years who were searching for an answer to help support their children and affect positive change in their households, I was driven by a heartfelt desire to contribute to a solution. This journey led me to discover the Goulding Method of SleepTalk, which is a wonderful, safe, effective, and non-invasive process that aids parents in building the essential foundation of unconditional love, self-esteem, and emotional resilience for their children.

Addressing a wide spectrum of issues that my clients were experiencing with their children, including behavioral issues such as tantrums, separation anxiety, sleep disturbances, potty training challenges and sibling rivalry, and developmental challenges such as Autism and ADHD, SleepTalk is grounded in the science of how the brain functions and its vast ability to change, called Neuroplasticity. The Goulding Method facilitates the creation of new neural pathways, circumventing old negative behaviors and beliefs, thereby allowing for the release of fear, anxiety, and trauma. The resulting deepening bond from the SleepTalk process between parents and children contributes to a happier home life for the entire family.

Strong self-esteem, secure attachment, and emotional resilience can significantly impact success, both emotionally and academically, during all stages of childhood and adolescence. Providing children with these emotional tools is an investment with lifelong benefits that will have a positive effect on future generations.

Since I have begun working with families using the Goulding SleepTalk Method, I have seen incredible positive results for not only the children, but for their parents as well. Speaking messages of positive self-esteem and unconditional love and acceptance into their children aids in their children’s positive behavioral and emotional changes and builds their emotional strength and resilience, and also helps parents to learn how to better communicate with their children, reduces their anxiety and stress levels, creates a calmer environment in the home, and strengthens the familial bonds. I highly recommend SleepTalk to anyone looking to create positive change in their own family, as well as in the lives of families they work with.”

In Gratitude, Jodie Solberg CHT, CPRT
Mental Wellness Professional & Certified Master Hypnotherapist

How to support:

Autism spectrum behaviours, bedwetting, temper tantrums, ODD & OCD, sibling rivalry, nail biting and many other issues, including fears, anxieties, sleeping, toileting, speech and poor eating habits. Also helps with health issues where a psychological component is present, such as asthma and various skin conditions.

After many generations of bringing the parenting approach to the world, helping children establish emotional intelligence, loving attachment and acceptance, I’ve  proven to have assisted families to raise emotionally secure children.  I’m confident that it’s no longer simply a ‘therapy’ or ‘process’, it’s now a trusted Method which has assisted every community across the globe.

The Goulding Method® offers a simplistic yet very dynamic supportive solution – client focused, substance free self-help option for families. The Method is safe, ethical and non-intrusive for parents to apply in the safety and comfort of their own home. The below case histories and parents’ feedback identify just some specific issues the Goulding Method® supports.


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