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Official Goulding Consultants & Trainers Site

Trauma – Fear – Anxiety

Mother’s feedback:

“On my journey with the Goulding Method and working with Ty, I would recommend it to every parent for every child. It is the ingredient the world needs to create self-assured, secure children who know their worth and identity. Ty helped me pick up the areas that would support the healthy development of my son, and the outcome has been remarkable. I’ve seen so much improvement in his sleeping, eating and behaviour that I couldn’t recommend Ty and her passion towards this space enough”



The pace and success of this child with this method has blown me away. I am aware that he was labelled as a ‘wild child’ who people often treated badly because of his behaviour. Both mom and son have grown so much through this. She has regained her confidence as a single mother and this method has truly helped her son on such a deep psychological level that the changes can be noted on a physiological and spiritual level too. They are both so happy, mom can finally focus on herself a bit more and not worry about her son so much. It has been truly spectacular watching them both flourish since starting this.

Tyra-Lee Wilkins


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