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A simple, safe method for parents helping children establish emotional intelligence, loving attachment and acceptance.

The Goulding Sleeptalk Method

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Welcome to the Joane Goulding Sleeptalk Method® & Sleeptalk Process® website.

We are proud to endorse a select group of international trainers who have undergone extensive training and are authorized to teach all aspects of Joane Goulding’s intellectual property.

Our trainers, along with Joane herself, are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of ethics in their training methods. We are fiercely protective of the Joane Goulding Sleeptalk Method & Process brand, and it is crucial to us that the integrity of our modalities is maintained. Be aware that only accredited trainers and consultants listed on our endorsed list are representing the Joane Goulding Sleeptalk modalities. We emphasize that anyone else using images, words, or profiting from copyrighted material without endorsement by Joane Goulding are not members of our international organisation and company.

By choosing our endorsed trainers and consultants, you can feel confident that you are receiving ethical, knowledgeable, and registered modalities of the Joane Goulding Method®. Our endorsed professionals have invested significant time, effort, and resources into their training, ensuring they meet the highest standards. We urge prospective families or individuals seeking training or consulting services to exercise due diligence in selecting a trainer or consultant specifically endorsed and accredited by the Founder Joane Goulding.

How Sleeptalk will help your child using this evidence-based proven safe Method

Sleeptalk for Children®  now known as The Goulding Sleeptalk Method® is a child-focused consulting modality for Therapists, Consultants, Teachers, and other professionals who are working with children and/or parents.

The main objective of the Method is to help parents develop mentally and emotionally balanced, self-confident, and caring adults from their children.

The most unique (and most powerful) element of The Goulding Method® is, that it gives the parents a simple yet powerful tool with which they can actively participate in this development.

This main technique is called the Sleeptalk Process.

A Goulding Method® Consultant teaches parents and/or primary carers a simple, safe, client centred, drug and substance free ethical process, that they are able to utilize to support their own child(ren). It only takes a few moments each evening to deliver, by repeating precisely designed affirmations after their child falls asleep.

The Goulding Method® accredited consultant offers ongoing emotional support and monitors the process, to ensure continued motivation and daily application for a minimum of 3 months. The consultant uses the standardised: “Where Does My Child Stand Now?” mind profile questionnaire to determine the Physical, Academic, Behavioural, Emotional and Social changes in the child, and offers adjustment of the application accordingly.

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The Goulding Method® reminds children they are lovable and have the right to be loved, reinforcing a feeling of being unconditionally loved. The strength of the process is its simplicity both in content and application. Allowing acceptance of emotional hugs and creating ‘happiness insurance’, is a gift that keeps on giving for life. It’s a gentle Method establishing emotional intelligence and a sense of independence, attachment and acceptance.

Parents (and adoptive parents) can learn to apply this Method themselves using our learning resources, or work with a registered Goulding Method® Consultant for extra peace of mind.

My licenced endorsed Trainers and Consultants identified on this original and Official International Register are fully trained and accredited to present my Method to your family.  The Goulding Method® is for modern parent’s custodian to future generations.

After many years of bringing my parenting approach to the world, I’m confident that my Method is no longer simply a ‘process’. I’ve  proven to have assisted families to raise emotionally secure children and I’m proud my Method has touched every community across the globe. I created the process that is now a trusted Method.


The Goulding Method® is a valuable resource for parents seeking a drug-free and empowering approach to support their children’s emotional well-being. It’s commendable that endorsed and accredited members of the Official International Register are members of the healing professions globally and involved in teaching this Goulding Sleeptalk Method. It’s reassuring to know that the Goulding Method® is in the hands of accredited professionals worldwide. This global reach ensures that parents receive guidance and support from trained individuals, enhancing the effectiveness and reliability of the Method. If you have any specific inquiries about the evidence-based research and accreditation process or how the Method is implemented in different regions, feel free to ask!

The Goulding Method® provides a unique approach to supporting children’s well-being through positive suggestions during sleep. The emphasis on this substance-free, self-help, non-intrusive option is the simplicity, safety and the convenience of applying it at home. If there’s anything specific you’d like to discuss or inquire about regarding the Method, feel free to contact a consultant near you.

The Goulding Method®, created way back in 1974, has assisted so many families. Initially created to support a specific situation, the method now assists and supports all children.

The Goulding Method® is a non-invasive approach focused on reinforcing a sense of unconditional love and emotional well-being in children. The emphasis is on simplicity, consistency, and the lasting impact it can have on a child’s emotional intelligence and happiness. It’s a beautiful way to contribute positively to a child’s mind set, with a gift that lasts a life time. If there’s more you’d like to share or discuss about the Method, feel free to contact a Consultant.

All registered Goulding Method® Consultants identified on this site are accredited by the founder Joane Goulding. All are governed by a strict code of professional practice, integrity, and ethics with a wide range of additional complementary qualifications.

All registered graduates have been assessed as competent and eligible to apply for membership with the International Hypnosis Federation (IHF) and the International Goulding Method Association (IGMA).

If for any reason you experience difficulty and you’re unable to communicate with your chosen consultant, feel free to contact Joane directly.

Joane Goulding, Founder

The proven method to empower parents and support families from the very start.

The Goulding Method ®

Celebrating 55 years of progressive parenting for future generations all around the world.

Joane Goulding interviewed by Nicolas Gerey, Accredited Consultant and Licenced Endorsed Trainer.


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