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Childhood Fears

Addressing Childhood Fears

Fear of Dogs

Mum called feeling very distressed about her daughter, E who had been suffering a real phobia of dogs and also with high levels of social anxiety and separation issues. The teachers at ‘E’s’ primary school had also noted that E had been seen quite often on her own in the playground.

Both parents had tried absolutely everything to help their daughter with her phobia of dogs which had got out of hand to the point where they weren’t able to visit anyone who had a dog which wasn’t locked up. In the past both parents had taken ‘E’ to see a child psychologist, a pediatrician, a male hypnotherapist (E didn’t feel comfortable with him) and a GP and nothing had been able to help their daughter up to this point.

Feeling fed up and at their wits end with what to do mum told me “You are our last hope, we just don’t know what to do anymore?” The parents started the Goulding Method- Sleep Talk Foundations Phase  straight away and within a few weeks they already started to notice a marked improvement in ‘E’s level of confidence at being able to be left on her own.

Within the next 6 weeks, E was beginning to demonstrate a much higher level of more confidence around dogs, herself and others. There was a very noticeable in E’s response to dogs, when they went to the park and she saw a dog instead of the old reaction to run and scream, E stayed calm and didn’t panic; both parents were amazed by such a quick positive change in behaviour. Previously she would have been petrified and screamed and now she was much calmer.

During the 3 months both parents described the results as astounding. Mum said “we have our daughter back and you have changed our entire family’s lives, we can’t thank you enough”. Mum told me they can’t believe after all they have been through just how much this whole processed worked to get their girl and their family such amazing results…

The end result, E is now playing happily in the playground at school with friends, E is calm, confident and happy. E no longer suffers separation anxiety and is a happy confident little girl AND E asked her mum and dad if she could have a family pet; A DOG!!!!

Nicole Lane – Accredited Goulding Method- Consultant.


Felt like a knot had been undone. 

“Parents feedback mum has shared with me that many nights ‘E’ was responding physically to the Goulding Method- and has often either voiced a sigh or even smiled. 

During the day, manifesting what was said during the night, with parts of the suggestions seemed to make a huge difference to her. Mum had forgotten about it, when I called her a week in to check on her, I reminded her and the result became really visible immediately.  ‘E’ is very vocal and loves to talk things through.

The Goulding Method- had a response in her that “felt like a knot had been undone”. Given the opportunity to talk her through her emotions mum found it much easier to parent her.

Also dad felt that The Goulding Method- as a tool, had made him feel a lot more competent as a father because it was so tangible. Both parents also agree that the energy created while doing the process  before they themselves are going to bed, has helped to create an overall better energy in the household.

As this case has been a while ago and the family has come back to me for further level 2, I can overall say that it has been a strong tool in their toolbox, helping ‘E’ to grow into challenges she was facing and come out stronger at the other side.

Really, as a parent coach I see the value also for the parents who feel more competent with a tangible tool and really supported.”

Accredited Consultant – Cornelia Dahinten – Zurich 2014


No longer afraid

Parent Feedback: “Hello, I have known Mrs. Lahode by my pediatrician. He told me about the Goulding Method – . Because my first boy was agitated, was afraid of  anyone and for my 2nd he was also shake but on the other hand it was a lot of whim. 

So on September 7th, 2016 I went to see Maha and after that I started the Goulding Method and I can tell you that my children have completely changed in some time they are more calm, the big one is no longer afraid and the little less capricious.

A big change. A big thank you to Mrs. Lahode for those words and advice and the Goulding Method- that really works.”

Accredited Consultant and Trainer: Maha Lahode – Genève 2017


Not frighened anymore of spiders or flies anymore.

Feedback received from the parents:  “Our son is doing much better all round, he is not crying so much, not freaking out so much, more confident in his studies as he is top of the class and he wants to go to a specific school.

His creativity has improved no end and he is suddenly NOT frightened of spiders and crane flies anymore!  He is also more confident in training other kids in kick-boxing and his overall confidence has improved.

He will now go to shops on his own, he went down a huge Zip Wire at Go Ape much to his parents amazement.  However, he is not dealing with anger so well – probably as it has been the summer holidays and he gets irritated with his sister, but we are continuing to work with that issues. ‘E’ is much more affectionate and cuddles all the time.”

Consultant: Paola Bagnall – UK 2009


Much Calmer

“What a session!  Mum was so happy and said that ‘L’ was hugely, hugely better and has not mentioned her anxieties at all. ‘L’ keeps waking up and sits up when mother goes in to her bedroom and says: “what are you doing?”

Thus I suggested not doing the touching before the Foundation from now on. Mum has been texting one of the foundation suggestions to both girls since our first session every day . One day she missed doing this and ‘L’ texted her “where is my text?” Mum feels that ‘L’ needs lots of reassurance.

I suggested an additional suggestion. Mum also said that children mirror you and she has seen this, now she is calmer having done the Goulding Method – , ‘L’ is calmer.”

Consultant: Paola Bagnall – UK 2009


Met some new friends.

Parent Feedback: “I love this process, its easy and builds better connections with my boys.

My son is now more positive about eating some other things (but still prefers chips). Need more work in this area, but it’s a big improvement.

He is feeling like he belongs in his new 4yr old kinder program now and has met some new friends.

Have had big improvements with boys wanting to go to dads overnight and they even like his new partner. Overall, very happy with the process.”

Accredited Consultant: Anneliese Luz – Vic 2019


No longer panics when it rains

“The end result was very positive in this case as ‘E’ no longer feared storms with the same intensity as she did 4 months ago. She no longer wakes when it rains or start to panic when  grey clouds appear.

This means she has become less anxious and her parents are also less anxious knowing everyone will be able to sleep even if it rains!

The extra energy she has now that she is no longer anxious has been put to good use with new gymnastics and swimming classes. ’E’ is also beginning to try new foods which previously she rejected by simply smelling them. 

The family are keen to use The Goulding Method – in the future when different challenges arise.”

Accredited Consultant: Olivia Walford – Vic 2018


No more grinding teeth. 

“The parents reported that ‘A’ had improved in physical ability and her approach to kindergarten.  She is taking more risks and attempting tasks that in the past may have been too overwhelming. 

Although still some anxiety but seems to be working in herself to overcome it. It takes a great deal of effort but now she can do it.  She is calmer; some of her fears are no longer a factor and Mum cannot recall her grinding her teeth at all recently. 

Mum reports that there has been considerable change in several areas that justifies moving to Level 2.  Fear and Anxiety are still issues for ‘A’ as she is still being affected by her difficulty to cope with change. It is being addressed at Kindergarten, and the parents still have some concerns. 

She is sensitive and empathetic and needs to improve her confidence and ability to handle “whatever comes along” and to keep herself calm when she is overwhelmed with nerves.  Specific Suggestion were introduced and the “sandwich” structure explained and to repeat the new suggestion 5 times.

Feedback: The new baby arrived a week after our meeting, and Mum said that while it has been a little difficult, they have been doing The Goulding Method- whenever possible – both siblings. Feedback from this family has been delightful.

 ‘A’ has told her mum at kindergarten that she feels “strong and happy today”! I am concluding the case study at this point, but I intend to follow up monthly.”

Accredited Consultant: Kim High – Australia 2019 


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