The Goulding Method

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A simple, safe method for parents helping children establish emotional intelligence, loving attachment and acceptance.

Nail Biting

Much Brighter in the mornings My First Case study mum has said that her daughter has stopped biting her fingers and nails and she had to actually clip them a few days ago, she is now much brighter in the mornings, is much more loving to all her family and especially to her sister. She […]

Nail biting

No more nail biting I just wanted to share something with you all. Since the training course in May I have been carrying out the process with both my boys, my eldest son was a nail biter, to the point where his nails were very sore and often would bleed. Tonight driving along he said […]


Firstly I must extend my sincere thanks to you for the gift of Sleep Talk.  The wonder of your simple program has permeated our whole family. My husband, D and I have three children, my eldest son S. aged four and a half, his brother B aged three and a quarter and sister M who […]


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