The Bullying Has Stopped

The Bullying has Stopped.   Considering the changes in our lives in the past 6 months, and the worry and stress that has come with this, our son had coped amazing well and I truly believe the Goulding Method –  had allowed him to do this.   His confidence has soared and most importantly the bullying […]

Improvement at school and in sport

Consultant report: Parents used the Goulding Procress – ™  for both their children, their son aged 9 and their daughter aged 6, to improve their confidence. I worked with ‘E’ on her own. However, she taught her husband the process and they took turns in doing the nightly routine. ‘E’ sent me this case history […]

Tantrums, Self-confidence, Sibling rivalry, Education

A is a 5 year old boy who lives with his Mum and Dad and his little sister aged 2. Both parents were in a loving relationship and both keen to do the technique together with both their children. The initial reasons for A’s Mum wanting to use the method were to help him establish […]

Self Confidence

We first started the Goulding Method 5 months ago after hearing about it through our friend… Natalie Cossar who is an accredited Trainer.  Intrigued and interested in how such a simple process could make such positive changes to not only our childrens lives, but also our lives as a family unit, I purchased the book […]