Childhood Fears

Addressing Childhood Fears Fear of Dogs Mum called feeling very distressed about her daughter, E who had been suffering a real phobia of dogs and also with high levels of social anxiety and separation issues. The teachers at ‘E’s’ primary school had also noted that E had been seen quite often on her own in […]

Separation Anxiety

Feels happy & Normal OMG… myself and my partner really thought our world was crumbling all around us with our daughter ‘A’ ( aged 10) . She has severe separation anxiety so bad that she would not even go into the toilet to brush her teeth unless her mum was right next to her, she […]

Child Was Constantly Struggling

  I will be forever grateful for your amazing technique; you cannot believe how tough it has been for our daughter and ourselves over the last 4 years.   We have shed many tears along with my daughter, she is now like a different child and so many people (teachers and principal) are amazed at […]

A Miracle

  We were in Crisis. My name is Audra, and I am Mom to two beautiful daughters who inspire me daily to be a better me.   I have my BA in Elementary Education with a minor in special education from the University of Wyoming. I have taught 3rd grade at an International Bachelorette School in […]

Separation Anxiety

I am delighted to be training in your Goulding Method – for Children. I was delighted to receive a phone call from my daughter this morning, she lives in the South Island and I am in Auckland saying that she had started the Goulding Method- yesterday. She has twin daughters, 2 1/2 years born 13 hours […]

Separation Anxiety

I have started my cases. It took a little time to get the mums to start, but all’s going well now.  One little boy in particular is very interesting.  He is three years old and has a history of trauma from birth, with heart defects diagnosed in utero at 32 weeks. Not sure he would […]

Separation anxiety, Fear

A Goulding Method Consultant talks about case histories.  The Goulding Method Process is a method whereby parents are involved in building self esteem and an awareness of unconditional love in their children, as well as dealing with behavioral and emotional issues. is a valuable parenting tool for all parents.

Eating / Swimming / Separation Anxiety

Consultant – Case history feedback: “The parents loved the idea of the Goulding Method process and couldn’t wait to get started!  After reading through the website and literature I had given her, mum felt that this is such an amazing, yet simple program.  They have two sons, ‘J’ and ‘N’.  Dad has his own business […]

Separation anxiety & sibling rivalry

March 2010 My husband and I have made it our mission to find a solution to help our 5 year old daughter with her anxiety and separation issues.  She is naturally a highly sensitive and obedient child (which affects her self confidence and ultimately other areas of her development).  The main issue we really wanted […]