Diet and behavioural issues

We heard about your book from a dear friend who has used the techniques for her daughter, they lost their home in the Traralgon bush fires in 2009, and even though her daughter was only seven months old at the times it affected her a lot, my friend now has a bubbly child that would […]


I just wanted to tell you that the psycho-nutrition section of the training had a profound effect on me and has resulted in us changing our diets, changing household and personal care items to remove the toxicity and introducing good quality supplementation. As a result the health of the house has just gone through the […]

Eating / Swimming / Separation Anxiety

Consultant – Case history feedback: “The parents loved the idea of the Goulding Method process and couldn’t wait to get started!  After reading through the website and literature I had given her, mum felt that this is such an amazing, yet simple program.  They have two sons, ‘J’ and ‘N’.  Dad has his own business […]

Speech, Eating & Sleeping Issues

“Obsessive behaviour issues displayed by ‘L’ about keeping things in order was compelled by hoarding lots of random items. He does not like his items to be touched or moved, tends to escalate on his anger quickly, clenches his fist and face and he goes red from frustration. When he gets upset, he cries and […]