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Improvement at school and in sport

Consultant report: Parents used the Goulding Procress – ™  for both their children, their son aged 9 and their daughter aged 6, to improve their confidence. I worked with ‘E’ on her own. However, she taught her husband the process and they took turns in doing the nightly routine. ‘E’ sent me this case history

My 9 year old son has loved his kickboxing class ever since he was 3. His natural perfectionist tendencies meant that he progressed so quickly, advanced so far through his grades, and did so well in competitions that he was moved up to a class for older children.

He then suddenly lost his confidence in sparring with children who were bigger, stronger and had longer reach. He started getting upset, crying, panicking and freaking out when fights did not go his way and he was clearly losing his love of the sport.

I approached Paola for help and we began using ™ in August this year specifically working on his confidence in sparring. After 4 weeks the changes were evident: He was more confident in his training, the panicking and freaking out stopped and he cried a lot less.

There were other noticeable changes in his general level of confidence: He was less afraid of spiders and crane flies (which had previously disturbed him) and at a museum trip he stunned us all by volunteering to hold a tarantula in front of 250 people.

His creativity and confidence in his studies improved and he soared to the top of his class where he has remained. He became more assertive and courageous in other areas: willingly going into shops on his own and launching himself off a huge zip-wire without hesitation.

Within 8 weeks of starting the Goulding Method-  ™ his sparring had significantly improved. Two incidents around this time highlighted the change: After being punched whilst sparring with a 20 year old he started to cry but quickly responded when his coach to ‘stop crying and get angry’ and went on to win the next three rounds.

His coach commented that he had never seen him fight with such speed and commitment and asked “What have your parents been doing – giving you ox blood for breakfast?” In early December he was awarded a special badge with the words ‘Sparring Champion’ on it for being the ‘most improved’ in sparring. He is now asking us to enter him in national competitions.

I should mention that in line with Paola’s recommendations we simultaneously used The Goulding Method- ™ for our 6 year old daughter whose teacher had told us that she needed more confidence in speaking and performing in front of other people.

With Paola’s help we tailored our suggestions to this need and again the changes were noticeable. She has since started piano lessons (something she previously resisted) and loves them, joined a performing dance group and volunteered for a speaking part in the Nativity play where she coped brilliantly when, at the last minute, she was given additional lines to cover for another child.

I have no doubt that The Goulding Method- ™ has produced amazing results for both of my children in a few short months. They have both gained in confidence and ability and are clearly getting more out life.

The Goulding Method- ™ has also improved our relationship with the children and each other. The two minutes of love that we give them every night offsets the usual stresses and careless remarks of the day and re-aligns us all to our true feelings for each other. It is a beautiful practice and one that I will continue as long as it remains beneficial.

Parent Feedback – ST Consultant: Paola Bagnell – 2014 UK


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