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Trauma & behaviour issues

March 2010

Dear Joane, thank you for the email.  I originally heard about Goulding Method in Geraldton WA about 10 years ago from a Naturopath and therapist – Maggie Parker.  I personally was seeing a hypnotherapist there for anxiety and I mentioned my concerns for my 6 yr old daughter.  She had come from an abusive home and I was worried about her confidence and self esteem.  I did with her for about 2 years.  She is in year 12 now and doing really well.  Very confident self assured young lady. I now have a 7 year old boy and his parents have just separated. He is showing classic signs of trauma.  He is not doing well at school, his behaviour is shocking and he is extremely angry and confused about the separation.  I have been ripping my hair out with him lately.  I was at my wits end the other night and I was kissing him goodnight and running my fingers across his forehead telling him how much I loved him and it hit me!!!!

So I can’t wait to get the book as I have forgotten the basics and I am so confident this will help my son immensely.  Just to pat you on the back….. about 6 years ago my niece was experiencing extreme anxiety in regards to her parents.  She couldn’t stand to be apart from them, even in sleep.  I suggested to my sister and she said with in one month ‘G’ was doing really well and could even do a sleepover at a friend.  It is truly fantastic and thanks.


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