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Speech and swimming issues

A normally articulate 8year old boy suddenly starts to have problems articulating certain sounds. A pattern of repeating words within sentences establishes itself. He often stops mid-sentence to correct himself, several times. Speech becomes disjointed, lacking any fluidity and staccato in effect. Very hard for the listener to understand what is being said. Sentences often end with the slogan “Well, I mean” conjugated to “Well I meant” if the main verb in the preceding sentence is in the past tense.

Initial treatment involved talking to the boy, discussing if there is anything bothering him, and asking why he feels the need to repeat things. Incentives, such as outings, are offered in the hope that he will make an improvement. Parents discuss whether to send their son for speech therapy.

Mother is becoming upset at what she feels could be a debilitating condition if left untreated. She read the book and began the Foundation process, running it for a period of three to four weeks before consulting Joane for some suggestions. Joane points out that the speech issue is an effect and not a cause. Since beginning the Foundation process, feedback indicates there had been some major shifts of improvement in his behaviour and the speech issues have completely stopped.

As there was considerable sibling rivalry at home, Joane’s first strategy was to insert the sister’s name in the foundation process. The primary suggestion then chosen was “You enjoy swimming” to assist him with some fears he had been having during swimming classes.

Four weeks later the boy’s mother reported the speech problems and swimming concerns had completely disappeared.


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