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Talking Positively and confidently

I have seen dramatic improvements with ‘G’ during this first term of school, she is thriving! I have been using the words we worked on and her speech is coming along beautifully. Her teacher even commented to me this evening about ‘G’ talking positively and confidently with expression in class and she is incredibly happy with her progress, mentioning that ‘G’ is demonstrating leadership skills which has totally blown us away!

‘G’ is the happiest I have ever seen her and it appears that everything has just clicked into place with her responsibilities and independence, she is highly motivated and driven and even organised!!!! (never would have thought I would be saying that about her a year ago!)

mum – 2013


“To finish, I just wanted to share with you the letter of feedback I received from Mum towards the end of the Goulding Method – . She goes on to say: “ What can I say, thank you, thank you, thank you – for giving me back my sweet little boy. 

His behaviour has done a complete turnaround. He has gone from being the trouble maker at school to telling the trouble makers how to be good and looking out for the kids who are getting led astray and getting them to go play somewhere else. Last term of school he has been coming home happy instead of teary and emotional.

He always wants to help me eg: Bringing shopping in from the car, clear the dishes from the table etc… He is controlling his anger. He will say to me: “I feel angry mum and I want to have a play by myself”, or “I don’t feel like talking”; therefore we don’t have too many angry days anymore. He will walk up to me at any time and give me a cuddle and a kiss and walk away and continue on with what he is doing. He is now always prepared to try something he hasn’t done before (this time last year he would not even try). 

His confidence has improved 100%. His speech and communication has also improved. He hardly stutters anymore, that was a nervous habit. He still has some trouble with crowds and noise. Places like shopping centres, but he tells me now when we are out. He will say something like: “It is getting too noisy. I want to go home”. Overall he is a happy and confident little boy.”

Accredited Consultant: 2010 Marina Fick  – Victoria 2010


“Since the introduction of ‘H’ has had some great progress.  The progress has been slow and steady however overall he has made quite a few changes since was introduced. He has started to become more verbal and is more easily able to express himself.  His outbursts have reduced and he has become a lot more aware of things, more affectionate and his speech and ability to communicate has really progressed.  ‘H’ still has his challenges and since the introduction of the last suggestion, he has showed quite a lot of behavioural and attention seeking behaviour.  These are future areas for change.”

Accredited Consultant: Mary Lynch NSW 2011 


“The mother began with Goulding Method – on the 16th of September 2013.After a few weeks of the Foundation process the bedwetting was less. After 3 months of The Goulding Method – every night their daughter was dry at night and during the day. There was no need of any further assistance. Her ability to speak and to count was improving a lot.


She was more calm, more relaxed and just improving as a person. The parents are really happy & excited about the process and the big improvements! Even in school the teacher mentioned the improvements. ”

Accredited Consultant & Trainer: Nicole Wackernangel – Zurick 2013


“On first follow up the mother had reported that their daughter had improved 15%. The mother had noticed two marked phases of calmness during the day. This calmness was apparent physically and emotionally and was apparent in the morning when she first woke up and again in the late afternoon. 

At this point she was refusing to join the lunch table and sometimes got into squabbles with people in public places when trying to get their attention. She had begun to share more often, though dependent on her mood and the object being shared as some toys she totally refused to share. 

She had also recently learnt to draw simple shapes and began to enjoy colouring. She had begun to recognize some numbers but could not add nor count, however she had also begun to gain some words in her vocabulary even though she still couldn’t put together two word sentences. 

By the next follow up session the mother was reporting an overall 50% improvement in her daughter’s case.  She had reported being calmer in general, having being involved in less fights with her siblings, and had even started to be able to work on her own doing her homework. Her vocabulary had expanded further and she had learnt to recognize the letter “B” in Arabic.  

She was still refusing to eat on the table with the family at lunch time (only lunch not other meals).” 

Professional Intern: NS – UAE



Speech Issues.

“Had a very positive result, her sleep improved by 90% and so did her ability to remain calm and deal with anger. She is very affectionate with all family members including her sister who previously was scratched and bitten by her daily.

 She has also become completely toilet trained and dry at night. Speech was also an issue, so after introducing additional ‘specific’ suggestions, the educators commented at her day care: “She has really found her voice and become confident and outgoing”. The parents will continue to use the Goulding Method-  to help her navigate her way through future changes and make good choices.”

Accredited Consultant: Olivia Walford – Vic 2018


Speech is clearer.

According to Mom’s feedback, the 6 years old girl doesn’t have to have her planed otitis media (ear) operation. The parents hoped they can avoid that as from the beginning of applying the process, the girl’s condition was constantly improving and now she is free of inflation and any other symptoms.  Her speech is also clearer and she is more confident and relaxed.

My conclusion: Spending quality time together is crucially important for the healthy physical, mental and emotional development of our children.  If the parents are able to provide it with full commitment, then the child will be able to experience all the joy life can offer with its full extend.

Accredited Consultant: Molnárné Kecskés Mónika Hungary – 2019


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