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Spectrum Autism

On the Spectrum –  Autism

Just touched base with one of the two families I am working with on the ‘Foundation”. Mom has two daughters, the 10 year old has Spectrum Autism.

Mom said that she knows her daughter is getting better as she is getting older, but she had noted improvements on several fronts in just the 6 weeks of doing the programme!

The biggest is in mood states/self-esteem, better attitude in the morning to going to school, fewer outbursts when not having things go her way.

The outbursts she has last shorter time, overall calmer when having to transition from one task/situation to another, fewer outbursts with yelling in response to frustration, and yelling stops sooner, and overall more cooperative when asked to do something.

This is even more striking since the mom was seriously ill for two weeks of the 6 weeks, so the Goulding Method – was not consistent some of that time. Furthermore, dad has addiction issues and is not home most of the time, and mom has been unable so far to get dad to record the foundation message for the daughter. Mom is really pleased with the programme.

Accredited Consultant –  Kris Pedder, Queensland, 2014


Autistic Spectrum

“Initially ‘J’ was just having problems at day care. When the parents came to see me to learn The Goulding Method- they had just moved her to a new school. It had been suggested to the parents that they should take her to see a child psychologist, which they did and were then told that she ‘might’ be on the autistic spectrum.

At that time she was having significant challenges with anger and having uncontrollable tantrums. Mom and dad felt helpless and fearful that there might be something really wrong and were waiting on an appointment with an occupational therapist. While with the psychologist ‘J’ diagnosis was given to the parents while she was in the room!

Within the first two weeks of starting The Goulding Method – there was significant abreaction, the parents recall it definitely got worse before it got better. But this just lasted a few days. Something that we noticed happened with ‘J’ each time we introduced ‘any’ new suggestion to the process.

And although we noticed feedback in the form of increased affection – especially with Mom and overall being happier we decided to continue the foundation process for almost two months before we moved to a primary area of need. 

By the time we moved to the first primary area of need ‘J’ was already generally calmer and having less frequent tantrums. Her parents have done a wonderful job of being consistent and continuing the process, something that I have found to be one of the biggest challenges with parents after the first two months.

In the last year I have seen the parents six times and each time we add to or adjust our suggestions to help with a variety of issues. Today the parents, who have just had another child report that they feel if they had not found The Goulding Method- their daughter would not be the normal, happy child she is today.”

Consultant: Philip Donegan – Ireland, 2009


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