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Sleeping – Temper Tantrums – Behaviour

Feedback:  “2 year old girl has difficult falling asleep and wakes up every night needing her parents causing them lots of fatigue. A number of physical issues have occurred to this young girl to cause ongoing trauma and anxiety linked to bedtime sleeping. She has trouble managing her outbursts of anger and insecurity causing her to vomit and experience difficulty. She is a very affectionate and obedient child in spite of the deep level of anxiety.

Both parents are offering the process and feedback indicates a clear improvement noticed by the parents, which enabled them to finally have a decent night’s sleep. Feedback also indicates the sleep issues are resolved when she is sleeping alone in her bed and her nights are uninterrupted. The calm at home has returned to normal and temper tantrums have decreased noticeably. The changes are significant enough to justify moving to the next phase of the process and the ongoing suggestions seem to be well accepted and she is  managing to regain her composure more quickly.”



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