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Sleeping Issues

Sleeping Issues


I should also mention that this client has been having sleep issues with her children which are the primary reasons for seeking to use The Goulding Method.


She said that after almost 2 months of the foundation process (yes it took that long for her daughter), she overheard her telling her brother “Alfred, since I’m a big girl now and am learning to sleep on my own, would you like me to show you how to do it?”  The mum is chuffed as this was just through the foundation script!


A Goulding Method- Accredited Consultant – Mary Lynch – NSW – 2014


Sleeping Challenges.


“Mum advised that she has been keeping up with the The  Goulding Method – Foundation statement still and that K has been sleeping right through the night again. 


I discussed with K how at times a child may begin to regress due to their subconscious negative belief challenging the new positive statements that are coming through or that K may need longer with the foundation script to really cement it in.  


Mum and I had a discussion regarding whether we should be focusing more on K’s sleeping habits than food at the moment, mum agreed that his sleeping is more of an issue than the eating of the vegetables.  So I advised her that we will focus on the sleeping issues first and then the eating of his vegetables.”


Consultant: NO – 2011


 Bladder Control – Sleeping.


Feedback Details: “Piddling randomly stopped. Mother gave The Goulding Method – credit because there were no other logical reasons. More cooperative and sleeping through the night.  


Specific suggestions given incorporated understanding of the The Goulding Method – benefits during the daytime conversation. Awareness of our verbalization around children and choices of communication in family setting was also discussed. 


Mother was surprised to find out and experienced very quick results with her little girl who miraculously regained her bladder control (within a blink of an eye, mother’s comment). The mother wanted to continue with the Goulding Method – .  


Accredited Consultant: Phyllis Fisher – USA 2015


Sleeping Issues: “It was stressful for the entire house.”


“Mom SB sent me a testimonial:  My 5 year old would not sleep well through the night. It was stressful for the entire house. Then I came across Aneesha who told me how I could use The Goulding Method-


Once I started there was no looking back. It’s not only helped my child sleep better but he wakes up fresher. I’m thankful to this process  and I totally believe in it.


Feedback = positive!”

Aneesha Sethi:  Accredited Consultant – India  2018 



 Sleep Issues.


“ Mum sent me an email update saying that all three children were now falling asleep in their own beds, and that they didn’t need their parents sitting in their bedrooms whilst they fell asleep”.


Accredited Consultant – Georgina Broendal – Denmark 2018


 Sleeping and Eating Issues.


The End Results:  “Both concerns of sleeping habits and eating habits were improved and mum is happy with the results.  In addition, she has also learnt new parenting skills to encourage and engage her child in a different way, which is the reason for her initial visit. 


Conclusion: I have reinforced to mum that The Goulding Method – is not only about doing the process.  But there is one important condition which binds the whole together and that is unconditional love from parents and the child’s ability to feel this unconditional love from parents.


is a “Gift” which last a lifetime.  Whatever that she has done during the foundation stage stays in the mind of her little one.”


Accredited Consultant: Kilyn Liong – Singapore 2018



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