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Sleeping difficulty

 Sleeping Difficulty Gone

Delighted with feedback from 5 year old boy. Sleeping in his own bedroom and not in parents bed for the first time in five years. All without protest or complaint. Telling Mum about “happy dreams” he never spoke of dreaming before.

Parents delighted, we have now moved on to more direct statements about eating.

2013 – Josephine P Teague – Consultant in Training UK


Sleeping Better – Scratching Less 

After 3 months of The Goulding Method – he became interested in sport, and his coordination and physical ability increased dramatically as did his speech.

 His ability to remain calm and deal with anger did not improve and his mother thought his eczema was causing him quite a lot of distress and anger and he would be scratching until he bled during the night.  

After using the an additional statement he is sleeping better and scratching less. He has also being mentally challenged at day care as he moved into the kindergarten room which he enjoys and suffers less boredom. 

The family is keen to continue using the Goulding Method – in the future to work on his ability to remain calm.

Accredited Consultant: Olivia Walford – Vic 2018


Deep Sleep

Parent feedback: “Attempting something for the first time, I was nervous to begin the process, especially as it takes me forever to get ‘L’ to sleep. The thought of waking the child was a huge concern.

 It took me a couple of nights to get into the regular pattern of remembering to administer the foundation process and skill is required to understand and judge when ‘L’ was in the correct brain wave frequency. I found that ‘L’ would give a little sigh and I could begin. I only touch her forehead and stroke her if I have been out and she is in a very deep sleep.

I found that within the first week of starting the process ‘L’ was more affectionate to her father, hugging him and saying I love you.  I found that after working with the foundation process for a week if ‘L’ woke at night I would enter the room and using my calm reassuring voice I would recite the statements. She would instantly settle back down to sleep.

I was using the script during the day with ‘L’ choosing appropriate times and using them in context to what was happening around us. I often hear ‘L’ saying: “Today is a happy day”. 

After about a month of using the foundation process I started saying the words to ‘L’ at night before she would go to sleep. One day she said “Stop Mummy it’s my turn.” And she changed the wording herself to use the foundation stage on me. 

WOW, I thought what an impact this has had on her. This reinforced to me just how important it is to give our children continual positive reinforcement.”

Mum – Report from Accredited Consultant: MP – 2010 Vic 


Dry all night 

“Had a very positive result, her sleep improved by 90% and so did her ability to remain calm and deal with anger. She is very affectionate with all family members including her sister who previously was scratched and bitten by her daily.

 She has also become completely toilet trained and dry at night. Speech was also an issue, so after introducing additional ‘specific’ suggestions, the educators commented at her day care: 

“She has really found her voice and become confident and outgoing”. The parents will continue to use the Goulding Method – to help her navigate her way through future changes and make good choices.”

Accredited Consultant: Olivia Walford – Vic 2018


Selective Mutism

“As I have newly started to work with The Goulding Method- , I have meet the mother and her little 5 years old daughter ‘C’ who is a happy little girl and has suddenly stopped speaking to anyone. This is unusual as she loves to talk a lot. It has happened after she got sick (winter sickness), in December 2015.

Mum has started to worry about her daughter and she took her to her pediatrician for a consult. They have run lots of different tests and send her to a psychiatrist. Nothing has changed, and the Pediatrician referred the mother to me.

I have meet the mother during the month of April, 2016. We have decided with the mother to apply the Sleep Talk Process… After 3 weeks, the mother has given me a call:

“I’m so sad, my daughter is still not talking…

 Has there been any change“ I have asked.

 No, she is just talking to her Teddy bear…”

I couldn’t stop myself to say loud: Houraaaa! She was not talking at all… This is amazing…. Suddenly the mother has realized what she just has said and started to cry of joy. After 12 weeks with the Goulding Method- , little ‘C’ is talking again and is more happy than ever.

This was a real gift for me… I have meet little ‘C’ dressed like a little princess in her beautiful dress. In the Morning, she said to her mother before visiting me:   “Mummy I want to wear a dress as today is a happy day…”

Accredited Consultant and Trainer: Maha Lahode – Genève 2016



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