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Sleeping & Confidence

Sleeping & Confidence


With my 7 year old daughter, we had issues with her anger, insecurity and with her coming into our bed in the middle of the night, which was causing tension within the family, as we could not find a productive method that worked and prevented all this.


The first night I did The Goulding Method- with her, she slept all night in her own bed – the first time in years! I was shocked, she herself was surprised and very proud of herself!


I have witnessed a calmness about her, a confidence, a positivity, an independence and security since I have implemented the foundation statement.


Over summer I got out of habit and routine of doing it. Then I slowly saw old habits creeping back in – she was getting back into my bed again at night-time, she was getting angry easily, etc … so I started  The Goulding Method- again and things resolved themselves.


She is asleep when I do The protocol, but she sometime says to me as she goes to bed, “Please mummy, can you stroke my head and say those words to me again when I’m sleeping?”

This surprises me, as she is asleep, so not quite sure how she knows? So I say to her, “Do you remember what i say?” … her reply, “No, but it makes me happy”!


My son is 11 years old. He has severe special needs. He can’t talk. He is a very happy, calm child, who cannot verbally give me feedback about life, so I have no real proof if it is working for him or not … BUT when I do The Goulding Method- – again he is asleep, but every time I say THE script he suddenly smiles whilst asleep … that says it all to me!


I feel I am giving him a little bit of security and reinforcement of what he already knows every time I do it!


As a mum, it has had personal benefits, as I love doing it … it has given me a few minutes every night, that feels a beautiful, peaceful, special, magical bonding time with my children – it really feels like pure unconditional love.



I have witnessed some beautiful positive changes in my children, which I believe is from this method, but who knows if this is just coincidence and if it really works or not?


I personally really do think it is working for my family and will continue with it, as in my opinion  …  it only takes 2 minutes of your time in an evening and it cannot do any harm, as everything that is said is positive and loving.


There is no negativity, nothing intrusive or implying anything apart from making your child know that they are loved, secure and safe. Surely, that is the most important gift any parent can give their child?


My daughter is called ‘T’, she is about to turn 8 years old and my son is called ‘R’, he is 11 years old (he has special needs – a rare chromosome condition called, ‘1q44 deletion denovo syndrome’ – which means he has seizure, gross & fine motor issues, non verbal, still in nappies, sensory integration dysfunction, etc, etc …)


Beryl Comar – Accredited Training – Parent Feedback – DW – Dubai – 2014




From a mother’s perspective, I found the Goulding Method- ™ process a beautiful one. It gives me the opportunity to reflect daily on what matters most; unconditional love. 


Over the months, I found myself much more accepting of ‘H’s imperfections. In the past I was very anxious about his lack of desire to help others or lack of interest in social activities. Today, I see him positively challenging himself to experience and adapt to new situations.


I now feel secure watching him move forward into the next chapter of his life. This experience has certainly made me more confident in sharing the Goulding Method- ™ process with others. Thank you Joane for bringing light into so many families! 


Parents Feedback: Hasnah Bte A. Rahman – Accredited Consultant and Trainer. Singapore 2017  




Feedback received from the parent:  “Mother says that she is happy with the changes that have happened so far in ‘L’.  Both parents are committed to continue the Goulding Method, and use the foundation statement for a further month when we will check in again. 


In a months’ time I will be looking for further changes in ‘L’ acceptance of others and improvements to her sibling sense of security in the family. This case study is not yet concluded, the family may still need the specific suggestions and we will consider adding them at the next consultation. 


The family is feeling closer and calmer as a whole. The process has been particularly beneficial for Mum who was feeling quite helpless at our first consultation.”


Accredited Consultant: Kim High – Australia 2019 


Developing Confidence and Calmness.


“We are delighted with the calmness and self-assurance ‘A’ has, she spontaneously chats about her dreams and goals and is very “natural” in her communication and less guarded  about what people think of her.


It is wonderful to see this young lady blossom and follow her passion without being timid and concerned of what others may think.”


2018 – Accredited Consultant: Carla Pahl – HongKong


Confidence – Nutrition.


“Mum sates that: ‘L’ is starting to show “phenomenal change – really excel”. She made the honour roll at school which “she has never done in her life”.


She ran for an office on student council and was determined to start working out with a personal trainer to enhance her volleyball success.  


She stared a nutrition plan, losing 5 lbs. Mum notes that there have actually been “remarkable changes with both girls”. 


L’s change has been dramatic, she is very driven to take extra steps to make varsity team.  Grades in school are now all A’s and B’s. 


She made the National Honour Society, where she has never made honour roll in the past.  Mum states she made comments that she was “stupid”; now she makes comments that she knows that she is smart.   


Her  “confidence is out the roof!”  She drives her own sleep schedule and makes her own decisions. ‘L’ broke up with a boy that she didn’t feel was truly interested in her prior to homecoming and went with her friends instead.  


Mum felt this was a remarkable stand in confidence, whereas prior she would have tended to ‘go along’.”


Accredited Consultant – Joy Hoffman – USA 2019



After doing the Foundation script of Goulding Method –   for more than 6 weeks, mother has noticed that ‘WX’ has improved in term of her attitude.


She is the middle child, so she tends to complained that mother doesn’t love her and always behave mischievous to get attention (Either bad or good attention).


After 6 weeks of The Goulding Method – , mother noticed that she becomes more obedient; no more do any mischievous behaviour to seek attention. Not only this, she also tends to more loving to her siblings and her anxiety level reduced to a manageable level. 


After doing a more Phase 2 of the process, tailored made suggestion script, the improvement on ‘WX’ is more significant. She starts to voice out her opinion in school and more confident in herself. Now she has courage to take part in competition and she has more confident in handling exam. 


She used to have performance anxiety symptoms when facing exam, but after the Goulding Method, her anxiety level towards exam was significantly reduced. She learned that she can wish to get the best result but it is not a must to get best result in order to be successful person. 


She learned to tolerate stress and her stress tolerance level has improved significantly. Mother does for both of them in a same room. She chooses to read it silently just right beside their ear, and she found this is more powerful than just read it out loud for all the kids who share the same room.


Accredited Consultant – Hiro Koo Kian Yong – Malaysia 2018




Parents have shared that ‘N’ has settled much more at kindergarten now and has enjoyed a number of different trips and activities out-of-house recently too. 


She has started swimming and is really enjoying the lessons, and her dance class has also restarted and ‘N’ seems happy to meet all the new children. Both parents feel The Goulding Method – has been an amazing tool which has empowered them to turn their lives around, and they intend to continue indefinitely!”


Accredited Consultant – Georgina Broendal – Denmark 2018


 Changes in Behaviour.


“The parent has managed to overcome her biggest barrier, which is the physical contact with other people. In order to see a better result from The Goulding Method- , timing and consistency is very important.


By doing The Goulding Method – it doesn’t mean that it can solve all problems but you can see the improvement of certain behaviour. (eg: Sibling rivalry). The child has become more open to new people and new environment.  


Focus span has improved positive affirmations in the day time and bite size sandwich is vital to see impact. I realized that along the way of doing The Goulding Method- you discover more about your child.”  


Accredited Consultant Jen Li Soo – Singapore 2018


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