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Sight impaired, Speech

This is the young girl who was very anxious, is blind and communicates in sign as she is not able to speak (at this point). This young lass has gone from her Mum spending 20 minutes coaxing her out of the car into a new environment to presenting at a conference (this was done so well she has been asked to present in New Zealand). Her Mum for the first time in her life is able to consider that she may be able to live independently. I spoke with her Mum when in Adelaide for a family funeral the weekend just gone and she is ready to add to the existing statement to support and encourage her daughter further. She is not speaking but there has been an increase in her making vocal sounds so slowly but surely progress is occurring. The massive transformation in relation to confidence has occurred over an 11 month period.

2012 – Consultant:  Kirsteen Rowntree


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