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Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry. 

“ The parent indicated that ‘S’ responded well to The Goulding Method . Mom was doing the Foundation consistently every night; dad was not willing to participate in the process.

Within 4 weeks, mom noticed a decrease in the frequency, severity, and duration of ‘S’ outbursts.  Bedtimes becoming easier, Mom was feeling less stressed and there was less fighting between the girls.

Accredited Consultant. KP – Canada 2015


Sibling Rivalry.

“The parents reported that ‘H’ has been in the past a less confident child despite his high intelligence in completing more advanced tasks and good results in learning. He also had some sibling rivalry issues with his younger sister.

However, a short time after starting the foundation Stage of The Goulding Method – he has become more open and talkative, and his relationship with his younger sister and his attitude towards her have changed in a very positive way. 

The parents commented with surprise how he made a complete change by being helpful and protective of her in such a short time. Continuing with The Goulding Method- will make their relationship stronger into the future and benefit the whole family.”

Accredited Consultant: LH – 2018


Sibling Rivalry. 

“The parent feedback: ‘P’ is the younger of 2 siblings. Her older brother and her had some sibling rivalry issues prior to starting The Goulding Method- , with ‘P’ displaying more of the jealousy and attention seeking at times when she thought she was being “left out”.

After the first few weeks of starting the Foundation Stage this behaviour has disappeared. At the same time her parents were very surprised at the growing affection she was showing to both of them, but at times also to others in the family. 

Her relationship to her brother has noticeably improved, and she is also gaining confidence in entering preschool this year. My recommendation is to continue with Foundation Statement and review a potential addition of Specific Statement later in consultation with parents.

Accredited Consultant: LH – 2018

Sibling Rivalry. 

“Parent feedback: ‘C’ wakes up quietly now without any anger. He is calmer in the mornings and getting ready for school is becoming easier for all of the family. He is learning to use self-control and walking away when his brother upsets him.” 

“Consultant feedback: Mum was excited by the results she had achieved and wanted to move on to include the next support suggestion. Mum reported that it had positive results.

‘C’s biggest achievement was to attend a crowded soccer break up and went by himself to get a book of vouchers that was required to get his meals and treats. Mum said this would never have happened before and she was so proud of his achievement.

‘C’ also attended the school fair and happily went off with his big brother to go on rides. Mum feels that ‘C’s level of anxiety in group situations has reduced greatly and that ‘C’s happier to go to school and keen to share his achievements big or small with the family.

He is also confidently speaking on the phone now and going up to shopkeepers and asking for what he wants. The family are still working with ‘C’ to give eye contact.” 


“I feel that mum has grasped the Goulding Method –  and used it well. She was very keen for this to work and has been positive all the way through. It has been wonderful to be part of this journey with the family.

It is wonderful to see ‘C’ becoming more confident within him. I am in contact with the family regularly and will follow up on her needs and anything that she requires to support her.”

Accredited Consultant: MP – 2010 Vic 


 Sibling Rivalry. 

I feel that Mum saw such a change in her other child using the Goulding Method –  that she became more excited about using it with ‘F’ as she saw the rewards his sibling was achieving.

Both Mum and I feel that her husband really needs to spend time administering the suggestions to ‘F’ to have a positive effect on their relationship. Mum felt confident in applying the process to ‘F’ without my assistance so we worked on two more suggestions that she would use when she felt it was time.

Accredited Consultant: MP – 2010 Vic 


 Sibling Rivalry

“Feedback from mum and dad has been overwhelming; they are simply amazed and so happy that the girls are being “happy little girls”. 

The girls have now started to play with each other a lot more and enjoy each other’s company.

Mum also discussed with me that there has been a whole shift within the family not just with the girls; mum is now enjoying waking up every morning to 2 beautifully happy children this just makes her day.

Dad has now starting calling mum cute names that she has not been called since they were married. Dad and Mum are also enjoying each other’s company a lot more …”

Consultant: ND – 2010




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