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Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry 

Oh, my God! It’s working. Today was such a good day. My 13 year old, is still sarcastic and trying to put down her sister, but she successfully ignored her nasty comments. 

Mum – Japan 2013 


Aged 4 years ‘E’ is still reliant on her dummy/pacifier. The habit does not seem to be easing the older she is getting. She is very good in the morning in terms of not needing it, however later in the afternoon, around bath time and the more tired she becomes the more dependent on the dummy she becomes.

She also takes her younger brothers dummy. Other issues that have been raised is specifically around separation anxiety, as she lacks a bit of independence and this comes through in her needing to sleep with Mom in the middle of the night or being fussy when dropped off at school. 

Sleep issues are also a challenge as ‘E’ doesn’t like to sleep in her own bed, not wanting to greet new people and being quite shy. In terms of her eating habits, she can be quite fussy about what she wants to eat. But is quite strong willed and is capable of getting her own food or water or will stick to a singular item to eat like only bacon or only chicken on some days. 

Mom has definitely found the process the most useful and encouraging. She has thoroughly enjoyed implementing this into her household and has called it a very “beautiful process”. ‘E’ has systematically begun to desensitise the dummy habit.

Other notable improvements ‘E’ has also begun to sleep in her own bed, has decreased the dependency on Mom, going to bed and falling asleep by herself. Mom has successfully completed The Goulding Method process, with positive results and feedback. 

Accredited Consultant: Tarryn Pickup – Sth Africa


Sibling Rivalry .

“Had a very positive result, her sleep improved by 90% and so did her ability to remain calm and deal with anger.

She is very affectionate with all family members including her sister who previously was scratched and bitten by her daily.

She has also become completely toilet trained and dry at night. Speech was also an issue, so after introducing additional ‘specific’ suggestions, the educators commented at her day care: “She has really found her voice and become confident and outgoing”.

The parents will continue to use The Goulding Method – to help her navigate her way through future changes and make good choices.”

Accredited Consultant: Olivia Walford – Vic 2018


Sibling Rivalry.

“Very positive feedback again, parents are very content – all marks of ‘A’ are in the positive range now, eating habits changed greatly, he is much more sociable in kindergarten and basically peaceful at home, quarrels have stopped. ‘M’ shows further improvements too.

‘A’ has moved from a problematic and annoying behaviour pattern to a much more sociable, more patient state in general. There has been lots of good feedback from the kindergarten staff and the relation between the 2 kids have improved greatly.

There are still minor quarrels about sharing toys, but that is considered normal competitiveness and home quarrels have stopped, parents much more peaceful in general. The process has changed their attitudes too towards the children – very healthy communication”. 

Consultant: Peter Solymos – Budapest 2014.



 Self-Esteem – Sibling Rivarly. 

“Very positive feedback again, the mother is very content – all marks of ‘B’ are in the positive range now. ‘B’ continues sports and is generally much more calm and with very good marks.

‘D’ shows further improvements too, though remains disinterested in sports and other activities, and her ability to remain calm changes up and down over time, despite of a visible general increase in self-esteem.

The mother has dropped significantly in doing the talks every night, but intends to get back to it upon the results of this review.

Both kids have grown greatly in self-esteem, and their general feeling at home and school has improved significantly as well. The mother has grown enormously in self-esteem and the change is very visible.

The relation of the 2 kids has improved visibly too, less frustration at home for the mother. ‘D’ still needs some attention but looking at the marks she is well on the way. We introduced additional suggestions but it does not show an effect on the targeted traits, but may attribute to the general improvement. The mother became interested in applying the process in her work because she occasionally helps children.”

Consultant: Peter Solymos – Budapest 2014.



Sibling Rivalry 

“After 12 weeks of The Goulding Method- Foundation Stage. was strictly followed everyday by the mother! 


• Mum noticed results after two weeks of the process and the first observation was the increase in the confidence level where he became more approachable to try new things or new learning challenges believing in his own abilities! 


• Soon his reading and writing improved dramatically along his grades and he was awarded from school for the amount of reading he is doing! 


• His ability to express himself improved slightly but he was able to make better sense using his mother tongue language! 


• His attitude toward school improved and is more focused on the positive aspects of the teachers rather than their flaws as with his very high logic and reasoning cognitive skills. sometimes he was making more sense than his teachers! 


• The mother was so happy by his ability to remain calm and manage his anger very reasonably. She said that this has improved so much that the relationship with his brother and sister is getting so much better!


Feedback Report:  There is no more hair pulling at all which has stopped completely. Nail biting is still on but at a very less frequency! 

‘Y’ took some time to understand the shift in his mother behaviour after focusing so much on high grades and results. Signs of anxiety is still there but he is able to go through tests and is more motivated to put more! 

All kids love the process and they call their mother before they sleep and ask her to sleep talk to them !

Consultant: NT – UAE 2017


Sibling Rivalry. 

“ The Goulding Method – was recommended and explained thoroughly and the need to do it to all kids where the mother can approach the teenagers from a bit of a distance or the door step because of his age. 

After 12 weeks of offering the Goulding Method – Foundation Stage! The Process  was strictly followed everyday by the mother and she recorded the voice of the father as he used to travel a lot. 

Mum started reporting changes every week. First they were smaller changes where the tantrums took just a little bit less time and the improvements increased weekly.

Mum became so motivated with the process and the obvious changes for the whole 12 weeks.! Her son’s tantrums times and length kept getting shorter and more manageable. He was able to control his nerves and even started thinking positively and looking at the good side in situations.

He became more confident and not venerable to simple situations where he became so flexible and secure within. He was also able to speak up for himself and report situations where he needed to explain himself and his reactions and he was convincing and never lied. 

His teachers started reporting significant changes and by the end of the year he was given an award for best behaviour in school which left the mother thrilled! 

The relationship with siblings softened gradually and now they are more understanding and tolerant to each other. Mother reported that he is even more empathetic with his older brother and sister! 

The siblings relationship became much stronger as the communication between them got stronger and they were able to talk, set rules and follow them through and she is enjoying him outside everywhere even in the mall which used to be a great challenge!

Mum also reported that he doesn’t like to spend more time alone than he used to do before.!  Harmony was restored to the whole home and she felt much happier and reported that she felt her life has changed.

Consultant: NT – UAE 2017


Sibling Rivalry

A Goulding Method Consultant talks about case histories. This one is his own story. The Goulding Method Process is a method whereby parents are involved in building self esteem and an awareness of unconditional love in their children, as well as dealing with behavioral and emotional issues. is a valuable parenting tool for all parents.



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