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Separation Anxiety

I have started my cases. It took a little time to get the mums to start, but all’s going well now.  One little boy in particular is very interesting.  He is three years old and has a history of trauma from birth, with heart defects diagnosed in utero at 32 weeks. Not sure he would survive.

Caesar birth and separation from Mum when on respirator in NICU for two weeks. Open heart surgery at eight weeks. Before his birth, the parents’ marriage was already turbulent and abusive. Parents separated before his surgery. Mum has gone through very rough time. Custody hearings are still going on. Relationships still very strained between parents.

‘G’ is a lovely, bright little boy. Presenting issues for mum were sleep issues, he had severe separation anxiety at bed time and couldn’t settle alone to sleep, he had great separation anxiety at kinder hanging on to mum, and he was only opening his bowels once a week. After three days of The Goulding Method – , he was going to bed easily, saying goodnight and going to sleep. His bowels opened a couple of times. He was also much happier in the mornings and less demanding on his mother.

Then a death in the family occurred and a bitter custody hearing happened at the same time. In all the chaos The Goulding Method- was put on the back burner.

It was time for the two week follow up two days ago. Mum was very keen to take up The Goulding Method – again. She started two days ago and had a slight abreaction this time. We talked about it and she is very motivated to continue.  This dear little boy is still sleeping well and yesterday he went into kinder happily, not hanging on to mum’s legs, but looking at the activities he wants to do.

2013 – Deborah Stevens  –   Consultant – Vic.


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