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Self-esteem feedback

I would like to start by showing my appreciation and thanking you for sharing your story and writing such an amazing book.

I purchased your book about 3 months ago and have been using the sleep talk process on 2 out of my 3 children with some amazing results. I am extremely fortunate to say I have 3 so called “normal” children and they don’t seem to have any major issues that needed to be addressed however if anything should ever arise I know your book will be the first place I turn.

My inspiration and passion for implementing your wonderful technique is to ensure my children grow up with high self esteem, confidence and to know without a doubt that they are a very much loved member of this family.

I myself battled for years with very low self esteem as a child and know first hand how damaging it can be, with the help of your book I know I am giving my children a big head start in life that will help them handle anything that life shall throw their way.

We completed the basic foundation process some months ago and have now completed two stages of the primary area of need with some outstanding results. We have been working with “you are safe, secure & loved” and “you are clever, healthy and love having fun” and my children are continually showing signs on a daily basis of their ever growing confidence. I am also finding my children wake up extremely happy and cheerful which was not always the case.

I thankyou again from the bottom of my heart for writing such a inspirational book and I look forward  to the day when we can use the sleep talk process on our 3rd child who is nearly 1 when he is old enough.

Kind regards,
IC Jan 09



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