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Selective Mutism  

April 2011. “I wanted to share with you a case history with a young boy with selective Mutism. He is going really well – he is not quite speaking yet, but he allowed his mum to video him reading at home and agreed to let his teacher see it – then said he wanted his class to see it – then even the whole school. I told his mum I think this is his way of preparing everyone at school for him to speak !!  so watch this space…..

His mum also says he is much more confident and “open” since doing so all in all this has been a wonderful experience for all – I am absolutely sure he will be talking at school this next term.”

July 2011 Update

“Ohhh Joane – You had to be the first to know – remember the little boy with ‘Selective Mutism’?  His mum just called me to say that ‘H’ has been and is talking to his friends at school !!!

She has seen him and it has been confirmed this week in his school report which was glowing, saying that he is a bright intelligent little boy who is well respected by his teachers and piers –  he is confident and happy.  He scored extremely well overall & excels in maths and music which are his favourite subjects.  Quite a different boy from last year.

You can’t imagine how proud, pleased and thankful his parents are – it has taken time, yet the change in ‘H’ in a year is unbelievable. I told her that its due to all the work she and her husband have put in  – they have hardly missed a night with .  She said thanks and acknowledged that without she would not have believed it possible.

There are still some teachers and children he isn’t talking to however the school, ‘H’s mum and I are all confident that this is just a matter of time. Please pass this news on to any one that is interested in his story.  Many thanks Joane as this has been a wonderful and interesting journey working with this wonderful family, who are fabulous – they work very hard and I think they have only missed a couple of nights since we first started.

Of course like most parents they didn’t know what to expect and over the months they did occasionally get despondent, as they don’t always seem to notice changes – that’s when I jump in and do an assessment – then they get to compare and I can tell them what differences I notice in what they tell me and the changes I can see.  It’s also good to remind them where their son was when they first came to see me.”

Nov 2011 Update

“Joane, ‘H’ is talking in school to nearly everyone – all be it in whispered tones – but talking  YEEEEEEESSSSSS.  His mum is SOOOOOO happy – he is even now insisting that his granddad takes him to school.  I don’t know if you remember but we think the original problem occurred when his mum had to be taken into hospital unexpectedly.  He woke to find his grandma and grandpa looking after him….. he stopped talking !!  So massive changes have happened over the last year.”

March 2012 Update

GREAT NEWS  – ‘H’ is talking TO EVERYONE

We are all thrilled and his mum said the teacher has said “he won’t shut up !!” HURRAH I screamed from the room tops let him get it out – 4 years of being caged in and now he is free !!

I advised her that she should allow at least one month for every year that he has not talked before she even needs to be concerned about him “over talking” which gave her an immense amount of relief


Anne Denning – UK Registered Consultant .


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