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New Work Ethic

We have been continuing doing our Goulding Method – and have observed some pretty great developments with ‘N’ which are more obvious since his return to school. He seems to have acquired a whole new work ethic and is participating in school work activities and seems to be generalizing this knowledge outside of his school environment and is even doing some academic work “just for fun”!

Oh My Goodness, I am so very thrilled about this!!

My thanks, Regards LL
(Chum Creek Primary School)


Improved Communication.

“Since the introduction of The Goulding Method – ‘H’ has had some great progress.  The progress has been slow and steady however overall he has made quite a few changes since it was introduced. 

He has started to become more verbal and is more easily able to express himself.  His outbursts have reduced and he has become a lot more aware of things, more affectionate and his speech and ability to communicate has really progressed.

‘H’ still has his challenges and since the introduction of the last suggestion, he has showed quite a lot of behavioural and attention seeking behaviour.  These are future areas for change.”

Accredited Consultant: Mary Lynch NSW 2011


Homework No Problems 

“I met the mother for the 2nd time. She told me that ‚F‘ is again more relaxed especially if he has to do his homework. He is more happy working on his own and does not need so much help from the mother. So is she more relaxed and calm. Things are better again, especially regarding eating sweets and with thumb sucking.

I had a phone call with mom and she told me while they had been on vacation, but hadn’t been regular working with the process, but as soon as she was home she proceed. For her it is much better. 

He is doing much better doing his homework, he is more calm at home, much less focused on mom, doing his work mostly without any help from her. Her impression is, he has more confidence in his own person. Mom is really happy, about everything. 

I encouraged her to go on, to stay on doing The Goulding Method – . Once a while I will call her and look how things will go further. ”

Accredited Consultant & Trainer: Nicole Wackernangel – Zurick 2014


Changed Schools Easily 

Parents Feedback: “Very positive feedback as ‘A’ has changed school without any problem. He loves his new class. All marks are in the positive range now, great eating habits and he can handle his emotions, stopped nail chewing.

‘A’ has moved from a problematic and annoying behaviour pattern to a much more sociable, more patient state in general, with a lot of good feedback from the elementary school teachers. 

The parents are calm now, less stress at home. The process has changed their attitudes too to ‘A’.  They are satisfied with the decision changing school as he is more open and able to communicate his feelings.”

Accredited Consultant and Trainer: Marianne Lampert.  Hungary 2014


Improvement to Learning 

Improvement on learning ability and more loving towards people around and has stop the nail biting and skin tearing issues. He deals separation anxiety better now and can accept the father leaving him for work. 

Sibling rivalry has also improved and the younger daughter is more understanding and negotiable. The mother said it has been very challenging for her to keep up with every day. It needs a lot of perseverance and consistent.  

Accredited Consultant Jen Li Soo – Singapore 2018


ADHD – Learning Difficulties but Improvements

“On first follow up the mother had reported that their daughter had improved 15%. The mother had noticed two marked phases of calmness during the day. This calmness was apparent physically and emotionally and was apparent in the morning when she first woke up and again in the late afternoon. 

At this point she was refusing to join the lunch table and sometimes got into squabbles with people in public places when trying to get their attention. She had begun to share more often, though dependent on her mood and the object being shared as some toys she totally refused to share. 

She had also recently learnt to draw simple shapes and began to enjoy colouring. She had begun to recognize some numbers but could not add nor count, however she had also begun to gain some words in her vocabulary even though she still couldn’t put together two word sentences. 

By the next follow up session the mother was reporting an overall 50% improvement in her daughter’s case.  She had reported being calmer in general, having being involved in less fights with her siblings, and had even started to be able to work on her own doing her homework. Her vocabulary had expanded further and she had learnt to recognize the letter “B” in Arabic.  

She was still refusing to eat on the table with the family at lunch time (only lunch not other meals).” 

Professional Intern: NS – UAE

Feedback: “Parent indicated that ‘J’ showed improvement in all areas of concern that had been identified as issues.  Her parents reported she stopped bedwetting altogether which they were ecstatic about.

‘J’ also improved her ability to get along with her sister, her sleep habits, her fear of attending school, her fear of being away from her parents, her overall behaviour, concentration and ability to get along with others, including sharing showed marked improvements.

Jasmine’s parents feel like their household has come to a level of calm they did not think they would ever be able to get to. They love and plan to continue to use the process throughout their children’s growth and development.”  

Accredited Consultant – Janine Nash – Vic 2019


Parents report that at the end of Phase 1, their child’s anxiety has decreased. There is an improvement in the reading, writing and speaking issues and it is more peaceful at those.

His eczema has improved, the temper tantrums have lessened and he is more interested in school. The parents are continuing with the process and are moving to Phase 3. 

Accredited Consultant: Olivia Amore – Genève 


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