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Scared of Pooing

“3 yr. boy was only pooing in his nappy, was going to the toilet for wee, but would hold on to poo and cause constipation, until he had a nappy on.  He would say he was scared to poo in potty or toilet.  He was also scared to go to bed, would have night mares and did not like going to kinder.

A few weeks later the mum reported that for the last two nights her son is now asking for the toilet to poo and is no longer scared and overall there has been a significant improvement.  No nightmares and he is no longer scared to go to bed or sleep in his own bed now. Mum has been doing ‘Foundation’ statements for 7 nights a week, missing only 3 nights out of the past 6 weeks. She reports that her son stated that fairies come and talk to him in his sleep.

2 months later, Mum said that he has improved in all areas of concern.  Is happy to go to crèche, asking if today is crèche day.  Pooing in the toilet now all the time. He has now turned 4, and 1 week prior to his 4th birthday he decided that when he was 4 he would not wear nappies any more even at night, so  mum  include a supporting statement into the process.  From the day he turned 4, he is no longer in nappies, wakes at night for the toilet and goes back to bed.  Mum loves the process.”

Rebecca McLennan – Victoria Consultant


Feedback received: ‘L’ is a little boy 3 years of age, he is angry and has problems with toilet issues eg: Pooing. He doesn’t share his toys with other children and although he loves his older sister he remains jealous. ‘L’ grandmother humiliated him the least time he pooped in his pants, and since then he says he is disgusting. He also has some problems with co-ordination. After the 1st Phase – he asks to go to toilet but sometimes he’s still pooing in his pants. He’s still having problems with co-ordination but he has no more temper tantrums.  

The suggestions chosen for the 2nd Phase has improved his co-ordination and movements.

Accredited Consultant: Rose-Marie Mauron – Genève   


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