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Putting babies to sleep

Dearest Kelly and David [* Consultants in Singapore], I am very embarrassed to be writing to you, so long after I completed the course with you. If you remember, at the time I was pregnant and had a 6 year old boy named Alex and a 4 year old girl named Sophie. I now also have a gorgeous 1 year old baby girl named Olivia.

I really wanted to let you know how fabulous your course in for Children has been for our family. My older children are so much more confident and resilient (Sophie often says – “it is getting better and better,” with a huge smile on her face!) Alex is feeling far more relaxed and has a more positive “can-do” approach to life.

Perhaps the most obvious and remarkable thing of all is the reaction that baby Olivia has to the words. When she was only a few months old, I tried to put her down into her cot without cuddling her to sleep, and this change caused her to cry and become quite distressed. After rubbing her back and trying to sing (without much success,) I started to softly repeat the sentences. Even through her now piercing screams, the words and the tone of my voice obviously struck a distinct memory within her – as I had begun the process when I was three months pregnant with her.

The crying immediately stopped and she swivelled her head towards me and gazed up in wonder. I really have never seen anything like it. I kept repeating the sentences over and over until she calmly got herself off to sleep! Since then I have been using the method with her and she truly is the most happy, contented and calm little baby.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all your faith, efforts and commitment to this work – it truly is miraculous. The biggest obstacle I had to overcome in contacting you was sheer embarrassment!!! Anyway, I meant every word I said and please feel free to use my email and our names – the more parents who know about this the better.

Best wishes,
Nancy Fonseca Singapore October 31, 2007


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