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Moderate Autism

Consultant Feedback: “I started to work with a client regarding their son who has been diagnosed with ‘Moderate Autism’.  The parents have been consistently delivering and have found that over the last week he has been going to sleep later and later.  He stays in his bed which isn’t a major problem; however he can still be awake up to 2 hours after they have put him to bed.  As he has never been a great sleeper his parents are not concerned, but I have felt that this may be part of his reaction to the process.

I have explained that the ‘Foundation’ statements need to be continued until the ‘sub-conscious’ mind has had time to assimilate and accept these new positive suggestions with re-enforcement throughout the daytime. Eventually the positive suggestions of the ‘Foundation’ will become so much stronger than the previously accepted negative ones. Just repeat “deep asleep – deep asleep” as they are putting him to bed and to reinforce they love him and that he is safe.”  Mary Lynch – Consultant NSW


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