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Improving Concentration and Confidence

Improving Confidence & Concentration

Consultant report: Parents used the Goulding Method ™ process for her 6 year old daughter to improve her concentration and confidence. I worked with both parents, however, mum was the main parent doing the ™.

I found the concept of The Goulding Method- interesting and so when Paola was asking for volunteers I jumped at the chance.  My daughter finds it hard to concentrate at school and can be quite anxious and so I wanted to see if The Goulding Method – could help in combination with other things.

After a few months it seems that my daughter has responded well to the process. She is reading more confidently and has been moved up a group in her class and her swimming has improved a great deal and she is now enjoying it.

We continue to do the The Goulding Method – now.  Paola has been brilliant along the way, helping with a few teething issues initially as my daughter kept waking up when I starting talking, but we sorted it out and all went well after that.  I would certainly recommend The Goulding Method- .

ST Accredited Consultant – Paola Bagnell – 2014 UK


Confidence, Emotional Resilience & Speech. 

Parent feedback: “The Mother was overall satisfied with the Goulding Method – , seeing many improvements in her daughter over the past 3 months. Most significant was her daughter able to express her love to the Mother verbally.

‘Z’ will also spontaneously hug her Mother and this makes the Mother extremely happy and has improved in her physical ability.  The Mother said ‘Z’ is basically a gentle girl and her level of confidence has definitely improved. 

‘Z’ has also improved in her level of concentration as reported by the teachers and ‘Z’ has demonstrated more confidence when striking a conversation with adults and peers.  She is more cooperative and flexible now even if it is not the usual routine for some days and her ability to deal with issues is much better.

The Mother commented that she was glad that Z has the ability to express ‘No’ to situations that she doesn’t want to be part of  (as opposed to previously compliant character).  

The parents have noted about her changes in dealing with her stress systems and sensory overload.  She managed to remain calm when another autistic child suddenly hit her unexpectedly.

‘Z’ was also able to verbalise her thoughts to her parents that she had enough and would like to go back home instead of having a meltdown. Overall, the process was carried out consistently every night except for missing a few nights when ‘Z’ was staying at grandparent’s house.


Conclusion: My learning from this case experience is that The Goulding Method- only takes a few minutes nightly to help the special needs child develop emotional resilience to cope with the outside world.   It amazed me to see an autistic child to have the confidence to say “No” and with good understanding of why she wants to say that.”

Accredited Consultant: Tan May Chin: – Singapore 2016 


Confidence & Speech.

Conclusion: “The Goulding Method- process was successfully applied in this case. Not only did ‘A’s emotions became more stable, she was generally in a better mood and happier than before. Mum & Dad learned a few more things about ‘A’ that she did not reveal before. Mum’s relationship also improved as a result. As an added bonus, ‘A’s stuttering had disappeared as a result of her increased self-confidence and lessened anxiety.”

Accredited Consultant: MFA – Singapore 2014


Confidence & Behaviour.

Parent Feedback: “The Goulding Method gave a new start to our family. I started with my 6 year old son who had a lot of excitement to evacuate and a big lack of self-confidence and behavior problems at school. Since then, everything is much better. The Goulding Method was advised to me by our pediatrician. I recommend this therapy 100% !!!! ”

Accredited Consultant and Trainer: Maha Lahode – Genève 2018


Confidence & Sensitivity.

“For some time, my son had great fears, a lack of self-confidence and an uncontrollable sensitivity (often at the end of the day).  We did not know what to do … see a psychologist? like everyone…  Thanks to the good advice of my pediatrician, I made contact with Maha. 

We set up the The Goulding Method – . The result: EXTRAORDINARY !! after 5 weeks we saw changes, it is inexplicable and incredible.  A big thank you to Maha for her great professionalism.”

 Accredited Consultant and Trainer: Maha Lahode – Genève 2017


Confidence – Speech.
According to Mom’s feedback, the 6 years old girl doesn’t have to have her planed otitis media (ear) operation. The parents hoped they can avoid that as from the beginning of applying the process, the girl’s condition was constantly improving and now she is free of inflation and any other symptoms.  Her speech is also clearer and she is more confident and relaxed.

My conclusion: Spending quality time together is crucially important for the healthy physical, mental and emotional development of our children.  If the parents are able to provide it with full commitment, then the child will be able to experience all the joy life can offer with its full extend.

Accredited Consultant: Molnárné Kecskés Mónika Hungary – 2019



“Consultants feedback: ‘J’ has exhibited some excellent improvements and some outstanding breakthroughs not just at school, but in his home environment as well. I do believe a lot of it was related to his lack of confidence and lack of belief in self and now it seems he has come forward in leaps and bounds. The subsequent reclassification showed a definite improvement.

I also explained to his mother that she had done an excellent job with a lot of her positive input and that if she continues on with the process with her son until puberty and possibly beyond, that he can only continue to improve and be a very happy self-assured confident loving boy/young man at the end of this absolutely wonderful The Goulding Method –   .

Thank you so much for bringing such a beautiful gift and tool into the world dear Joane. You have truly been blessed with a very precious and amazing talent. It truly does create miracles in the lives of children and their parents. 

Accredited Consultant: 2010 Marina Fick  – Victoria 2010



“In conclusion, I am not certain, and from the facts given, how consistent Mum and her husband have been with the Goulding Method  with ‘R’ and therefore believe if there had been more regularity and consistency in applying this method that ‘success’ would have been much easier and possibly sooner because there were definitely some great breakthroughs throughout the process. I stressed the importance of continuity in following through with the Goulding Method –  daily and success would be inevitable. 

As far as I know Mum will be continuing on with the 2nd Primary Area of Need and working on ‘R’ self-confidence, but have not been advised as to when she will begin that. Finally, I have understood from Mum’s feedback that generally ‘R’ is a much happier, calmer and loveable boy, confidence in some areas and working on the other one’s mentioned above.

Accredited Consultant: 2010 Marina Fick  – Victoria 2010



“She did find the process to be difficult to perform if they had a late night but were usually fairly consistent with it. Mum has been saying the words to ‘G’ during the day as well and ‘it makes her smile’. We decided to add a Support Statement to reinforce her new self-confidence and feelings of calm and ‘in control’. 

On 15 August I spoke to mum again. She was very happy with progress and will continue with support statement indefinitely. I contacted her again in September for update, and all is going well with the Goulding Method – . ‘G’ has accepted the support statements with no problems and mum is hoppy to continue as is. She will keep me posted with developments and I will contact her in due course for on update.”

Kathryn Duncan – Qld 2014



Mother has seen improvement in ‘S’s interactions in school, managing more self-care on his own and reaching out to peers for help when needed. 

Accredited Consultant: Karyen Chai – Singapore 2018



“I have been working with client #1, a mama and a little girl, 8 years old that is the only child in the family. The mother has been very consistent and reliable doing the foundation statements, even when they were camping and on summer vacation.  All is going well and she has had excellent results.

With this self-confidence she soared and truly began to see herself and her daughter through the eyes of unconditional love. A very beautiful experience! This has had a profound effect on the family relationship and spoke of being much happier in a day-to-day way.

And even though the father/husband has not actively participated. The mother/wife has informed him of what she was attempting then doing and invited him to participate when he was ready. The interesting thing is there has been positive change for him too. In general, he has been more understanding and helpful. And I feel this is his true nature revealing itself passively.”

Phyllis Fisher USA


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