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Homework Issues

Just an update!


I was messaging with mom and she can’t believe what a difference she’s seeing, she’s almost wondering if it’s for real! here is what she said “He actually woke up and started getting ready for school… I swear to GOD that child has never woke up in the morning… and has gotten ready for school in his 15 little years of life.


I swear normally I have to yell at him 10 times before he wakes up and he moves like a turtle… I don’t know if it’s the The Goulding Method – or what…” and then “and when I got home from work last night he was sitting at the kitchen table doing HOMEWORK and that is rare


He even showed me his Math work and when I walked in I was a bit stressed and I looked at him and it clicked and ‘S’ [her daughter 18 yrs. old] comes running in saying geez you haven’t done that since the 3rd grade… it was just so weird!!”




  (Intern) Consultant Dana US – 2014


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