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Hearing impairment

Hi Joane, I have been trying with my daughter to help her control her nervous facial tics but am having a few problems. The first is that she is moderately deaf in her right ear and tends to sleep with that ear up or roll on to her left ear part way through the . I obviously need her to hear what I am saying so I don’t quite know how to handle this one.

Joane: If there is some level of hearing I’m not sure that it would be a problem. I would suggest that you also present the statements during the day to reinforce them.

Another query I have is that as I walk into the room she generally starts rolling and moving about.

Joane: That in fact is fantastic in that it indicates your daughter has transferred immediately, so don’t even bother to stroke her. Just start saying: “Stay asleep”  perhaps only once to ensure she remains in the correct brain wave frequency and then commence the process.

Do I still start stroking her head?

Joane: NO, because she has already transferred and is waiting for you, only repeat “Stay asleep” once because she has already transferred to the awareness

does this indicate that she isn’t in a deep enough sleep?

Joane: No, all is correct because she has transferred and waiting for your suggestions. I feel your daughter is slightly anxious so this will definitely assist.

or  should I come back later?

Joane: No, stay and complete the suggestions  

She frequently wakes during the sleep talk (even though I am following the procedure to the letter)

Joane: that’s not a problem, just continue with the process and if she asks what you’re doing, just incorporate the statements into your reply. Such as: “I’m just telling you how much I love you”, etc, etc.

and if she asks me what I was doing in the morning?

Joane: Don’t go into explanations and just use words within the suggested statements, I’m just telling you I love you… Eventually she will just not be bothered, but if it continues and your concerned just give me a call or email me. You are also welcome to organise a private session with me if needed.

I really hope you can help me.

Joane: Don’t be too concerned – the main thing is you can’t do harm, but do contact me if you’re worried.

Hope to hear from you very soon.

Jan 2012 – NSW Mum ‘N’


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