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Mum is generally very pleased with the signs of progress of ‘A’ in the past few weeks since the Method was introduced. She sees his behaviour changing in the right direction. She believes it is a combination of different factors but believe the method is definitely helping. Mum reports: 1) She enjoys very much the experience and it became a good habit for her. Generally, she has been very consistent since the beginning. 2) ‘A’ wakes up in the morning in a better mood, not grumpy like before. 3) He’s more comfortable in school and doesn’t complain about it anymore. 4) Dad presented only once as he feels uncomfortable to sit in the dark and talk to his son while sleeping, “it doesn’t feel natural”.

My conclusion: The changes seen are great showing the method has been implemented correctly by the parent and the Foundation Statements accepted by ‘A’. According to the second: Mind Profile document, the primary area of need would be: ‘Academic’ and ‘Confidence’ in general, but Mum is now happy the way “A” is and prefers to continue with Foundation statement for now instead of trying specific suggestions offered. Mum is aware she can come back to me later when she feels ready starting Unit 2.



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