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Confidence, Bedwetting, Lack of respect

Prior to seeing Joane Goulding, both of my sons had individual problems. The 8 year old was very dependant on me and very lacking in confidence. My younger son (5 years of age) had a bed wetting problem, and a complete lack of respect toward the opposite sex.

My mother saw Joane interviewed on television, and after further research, an appointment was made with her. After six months of practicing ‘’ it was obvious to me that this program was working. I have now been practicing ‘’ for two years, and definitely see positive results. I intend to continue ‘’ as I believe that it is a necessary part of my children’s development.

Thank you Joane.

P.C. – Bacchus Marsh 2005


The parents feedback indicates that this child lacks confidence, is anxious and has trouble with concentration. The parents are working hard to pay ongoing expenses and as a result have less time available for their little girl. At the end of the first phase she has made progress. She is calmer, more tender and attentive with her parents and no longer has nocturnal enuresis. 

The 2nd phase was introduced and at the end she is much better. The parents give her more time and the harmony is back home and at school level. She is more involved and she concentrates better. 

Accredited Consultant: Amanda Micheloud. Genève 


This young girl doubts the love of her parents and is also dealing with bedwetting(enuresis) and sibling rivalry. She has a little brother of whom she is very jealous.

After the first phase, the parents noticed a huge improvement, she is more serene and the sibling rivalry is less. She accepts her brother better by playing with him. The enuresis persists despite everything so the suggestion for the second phase will hopefully assist.

Accredited Consultant: Marie-Helene Mileto. Genève

 “Parent indicated that ‘J’ showed improvement in all areas of concern that had been identified as issues.  Her parents reported she stopped bedwetting altogether which they were ecstatic about.

‘J’ also improved her ability to get along with her sister, her sleep habits, her fear of attending school, her fear of being away from her parents, her overall behaviour, concentration and ability to get along with others, including sharing showed marked improvements. Jasmine’s parents feel like their household has come to a level of calm they did not think they would ever be able to get to.

They love and plan to continue to use the process throughout their children’s growth and development.”  

Accredited Consultant – Janine Nash – Vic 2019




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