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Children who are tearful on wakening

My grandson is now 2 years old. I look after him at his home on Weds while my daughter-in-law attends her college course (nursery is too expensive when she’s not actually at work & earning!) He needs an afternoon nap but is ‘fragile’ and easily tearful for some time after waking. Last week he woke, crying, earlier than I expected. I brought him down, cuddled him & he determinedly turned round, planted his head on my shoulder & arms round my neck & went back to sleep. I leaned back in the corner of the sofa & we both slept for a while. When I woke I started repeating “Mummy loves J…… (name removed)” etc (including, of course, “Granny loves J….”!) I didn’t stroke him, as I didn’t know how long he’d been asleep & I really needed both arms round him.

After a few times I changed it to “Mummy loves you . . .” After a few more times, after “Mummy loves you,” I heard a little voice say, “Yes”! This was repeated after “Daddy . . ” & “Granny . .”. We went through this a few times more, then he sat himself up & was perfectly happy!

Grandma R – UK 09


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