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Child Was Constantly Struggling


I will be forever grateful for your amazing technique; you cannot believe how tough it has been for our daughter and ourselves over the last 4 years.


We have shed many tears along with my daughter, she is now like a different child and so many people (teachers and principal) are amazed at the transformation.


Warm regards, Diane Newton


Separation Anxiety 


I wanted to let you know how ecstatic we are with the results from using the Goulding Method –  technique on our daughter ‘I’.


As you know ‘I’ has struggled severely with separation anxiety since her days at kinder, she is now 9 years old.  She has struggled with school drop off’s since Prep and she is now in Year 3.


Last year it was recommended that we see a child Psychologist which we did for the whole year. There were minor improvements but it didn’t take much for her to regress to her old ways of crying and feeling sad.


Things like her teacher or best friend being away or returning to school after school holidays would all see ‘I’ in a terrible state.  It has been so bad at times over the last 4 years that I have seriously considering home schooling her but I knew ultimately that that wouldn’t help her in the long term.


We know that there have been no issues at school, she has had wonderfully supportive teachers and friends but it was never enough.


I am so thankful that we came and saw you earlier this year and you suggested we do the The Goulding Method – .


It sounded too good to be true but we were desperate to help our child as it is heartbreaking to see your child constantly struggle to the point of being hysterical at school.


It has been a good 3 months using your technique and we are amazed.  ‘I’ is happy in the morning, gives me a kiss and walks into her class and starts chatting with her friends, wow!


She talks about school and her friends all the time and just seems very content and settled.  I asked her recently why she thought she was doing so well at school drop off and she said she didn’t know, she just felt different.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart Rosanna, you have changed our lives forever. Diane and family

Accredited Consultant – Rosanna Mosca – Vic – 2014


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