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Burkitt Lymphoma

I just want to pass on my intense gratitude to Joane for the beautiful gift that is Sleep Talk. I’m not one to reach out or write reviews on books or products but feel compelled this time to let Joane know that she has truly changed my life and the lives of both my 6 year old warrior (burkitt’s lymphoma survivor) and his younger brother. As you know the wounds you can’t see can be the most difficult to heal so a year after the blessing of Hudson’s physical battle coming to an end, i felt myself and my parenting abilities crumbling. My family was in distress.

Conventional therapy felt wrong and more damaging than helpful. Mainstream parenting techniques left me more confused and angry because the gift of my son’s battle has to be the ability to truly appreciate these little angels for what they are. I feel so strongly that every parent should know about this method and pray for the foundation’s blessing. You are empowering parents and healing relationships/ wounds and I can’t think of more important work at this time on the planet.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

2013 – Amanda Paige – Parent – USA


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