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ADHD Boy with a list of issues

 Now marked improvement


Hi Joane, just wanted to share a lovely outcome from a family with a boy whose intake information included: Headaches, Anxiety, Food Issues, ADD/ADHD, Nightmares, Lacking in Confidence, Sibling Rivalry.


He was playing truant, and has been under the paediatrician and prescribed Ritalin. Mother’s reason for visit: to get ‘J’ back to School, normal and happy.


I have just had the 8 week meeting with the mother.We went through the intake sheet.

  • Jack has had no headaches since the start of The Goulding Method –  16.06.14
  • Jack has had no nightmares since the start of the Program.


Second assessment: showed marked improvements in all categories, with the most evident being segments of his Home, Behaviour, Academic and some areas of Emotion.  He has won 5 awards and when we compared the 1st Assessment to the 2nd Assessment the marked improvements were evident.


Thought Joane you might like to know that these parents were on the verge of a break-up. Their relationship is back on track and the family are happier all round. Mum said she only missed two nights since the start of the programme.  She is so grateful.


Accredited Consultant

 Marilyn Colvin Boon – Queensland – 2014


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