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Behaviour Improvement

Improving Behaviour

I have been using the foundation of The Goulding Method –   with my six year old son for four months now and we have seen fantastic results with his mood and behaviour.

He is much happier, calmer and more in control of his emotions. We have just received his latest school report and his teachers have seen a great change in him over the last couple of months.

There are still a couple of areas they feel he needs to work on and I wanted some advice on statements I could introduce to help him with this.

Mum – UK – 2016


Sibling Rivalry No More

It was inspiring to see, that this family could also experience the positive effects of The Goulding Method Process in their children’s lives. Seeing L’s and B’s sibling rivalry decrease, their love and care for each other increase, and that all three children handled the difficulty of moving houses so well and still felt secure, is a great testimony to the parents and to all of us just how important and powerful these positive statements are.  

Accredited Consultant: Klara Brownwood – Hungary 


 Autism – Anxiety – Fear.

Both parents were very committed to use the Foundation Statement and Special Suggestions, so much so, that they only missed one or two days during the 6 month period.  

 • Mother and father have been taking turns in doing the process, occasionally Mom would do it instead of Dad, when he was too tired.  

 • They were both very desperate and hopeful in doing the Process with ‘K’, and were very happy and thankful to experience significant changes in his behaviour. 

 • About a month after starting the Process, Mother sent me a message saying that for the first time. ‘K’ told her that he loved her and even went to hug her, and repeated it later that day again. She firmly believes that it was the wonderful result of . 

 • They have seen some improvement in ‘K’ overcoming his fears, for example he finally went into the swimming pool during swimming class, and couple weeks later he even went into the deep water!  He has also let his grandma cut his hair without crying. Although ‘K’ still has lots of fears, but he is learning to handle them better, telling himself out loud that he is not afraid.  

 • He has been improving in other areas as well, like in his social skills, his attention in school and fine motoric skills. 

 The Goulding Method Process has been a great blessing for this family.

I believe that it has been helping to heal ‘K’s early childhood traumas caused by operations, hospitalization and separation from his parents.

It is wonderful that in spite of his autism ‘K’ now feels the unconditional love from his parents and finally he is able to show his love to them. I saw him open up, and after just half a year he is a much happier, friendlier and more relaxed boy. I will continue to follow up on the family, as I grew to love them dearly.

Accredited Consultant: Klara Brownwood – Hungary 


Improve Confidence – Reduction in Anxiety.

The parents of ‘F’ state that he has a lack of confidence and difficulty expressing emotion. During school times he presents as being ‘useless’. However ‘F’ has shown some behaviour improvements after just 2 months of receiving Phase 1.

He has gains in self-confidence and although not always completing his homework for fear of making a  mistake, he is responding to the ongoing process.  

Consultant: Thierry Thomas – Genève 


More Confidence – Now working on Anxiety.

‘A’ has eczema, she is anxious, she often has a stomach ache, she has no self-confidence and has bedwetting. After 3 months of presenting the 1st Phase, the parents feedback indicates that ‘A’ has a lot more self-confidence, but continues to be anxious. The specific suggestion chosen has assisted the anxiety. 

Consultant: Thierry Thomas – Genève 


Temper Tantrums – Bedwetting.

‘L’ has tantrums. She always wants to attract the attention of others, she often says that her parents do not like her and she also has to deal with bedwetting. Because the tantrums initially increased as a reaction to the changes, it was decided to continue the process (Phase 1) for another 2 months.

Success was the result and the parents have reported that ‘L’ has progressed a lot, and while still having some tantrums and bedwetting, she has more confidence in herself. So to offer more support, specific suggestions were chosen and the parents are continuing. 

Consultant: Thierry Thomas – Genève 



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