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Autistic spectrum

Thank you for your call today Joane, I have only just got home. Everything is going well. ‘C’ is doing fantastic and is very happy and positive which is great. ‘N’ is also doing well and he has said three new words since we saw you one of which was his sisters name.

This made me so happy and also wonder if this may be due to the inclusion of her in his reading.  He is also able to sit down for a bit longer to focus on things which is great. Looking forward to seeing you next week lots of positive things to tell you.



I have been using the foundation statements since Feb and have definitely noticed a more positive, happier demeanor from my 14-year old high functioning autistic son.  

Is it possible to achieve a higher level of empathy and awareness social behavior for my son at the next level? He is very reserved and I would love for him to say “hi” to people at church with a smile.

N California



I’ve seen remarkable progress with my Autistic son. I am ready for phase 2 to address his other concerns.  Can you send me the email addresses or contact information for a consultant in California?

N California


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