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‘S’ has been diagnosed with Autism as well as a learning disability, lower end IQ and some sight, hearing and digestive issues. His parents are highly motivated to get as much assistance and support as possible and very keen to use and committed to the process.

Initially during the first week, Mum called to say she was concerned that ‘S’ was waking up during the night and wanting to “be with Mummy” which was concerning her. Once advised that this was a result of the new beliefs being introduced, she was reassured.

Generally there was overall improvement as shown by the supporting ‘Where does my child stand now’ casse history documentation. Both parents were very happy with the results. What they most noticed was that ‘S’ began understanding humour that had previously gone over his head and began making jokes that were quite complex.

He also became more assertive and confident, particularly at kinder and his energy levels in the morning were much higher. Overall, his general happiness and wellbeing increased. They will continue with the on a maintenance basis and are very pleased with the results.

Case History Submitted Nov 2010 by:  KJ


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