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Autism – High Functioning



Did another Phase 2 Assessment with a mum today – her son is 10yrs old turning 11 later this year so he’s not young per say and has a diagnosis of High Functioning Autism. And the change in him with the Foundation Statement has been phenomenal; I actually had a lump in my throat as Mum was describing the fact that she now has her family back and her boy.


He also sits bolt upright during the process, eyes wide open and says “I know you love me!” every night, then lays down and continues sleeping.


The School have noted that from a boy who was angry, withdrawn and unable to cope with aspects of school i.e. Assembly and gym – He was given an award for his progress, giving a talk to his Class, taking part in gym, joining his class at Assembly… it just goes on…


Jane Clark – Intern – UK – 2014


“His anxiety levels have reduced”


“J’ overall energy has increased. He is more vibrant in mornings and wants to come and spend time with me. He is more receptive and calmer. His anxiety levels have reduced and environment at home is also much better.


Mother ‘S’ has said: ‘J’ agitation and aggression is so much lesser. He makes more of an effort to talk and started using words which he didn’t earlier. Also he is very well tuned to his environment now.


He has also grasped the ability to work independently. When she went for a psychologist check-up she was told he doesn’t have Autism but now is on Asperger’s spectrum as he was getting better and better.” 


Aneesha Sethi: Accredited Consultant – India 2018



Much more Peaceful


“My 10 year old son has Autism and he is highly anxious. You have helped us with a program to provide my son with an internal peace and strength to cope with life’s daily stresses.  


For kids with Autism, these typical stresses are magnified and almost unbearable over many contexts. We began with a child who was constantly afraid, fragile, and often violent and in a flight/fight mode. 


As the Goulding Method – program has progressed months later, we have a child whom is content, will in to adapt, more self-confidence, more self-secure and, most importantly, happy.  I would highly recommend this program as it has benefited the entire family. We are all in a good place! Thank you.” 


Accredited Consultant – GT – Qld 2018 



Less Fighting, Less stress


“ The parent indicated that ‘S’ responded well to The Goulding Method – . Mom was doing the Foundation consistently every night; dad was not willing to participate in the process.


Within 4 weeks, mom noticed a decrease in the frequency, severity, and duration of ‘S’ outbursts.  Bedtimes becoming easier, Mom was feeling less stressed and there was less fighting between the girls


Accredited Consultant. KP – Canada 2015



Amazing for  Special Needs. 


Feedback: “My learning from this case experience is that The Goulding Method – is so amazing and beneficial for children with special needs.


This nightly process can help an autistic child build up his compassion and self-discipline.  It also changes the parents’ expectations and attitude towards their children, leading to more positive parenting.”   


Accredited Consultant: Tan May Chin: – Singapore 2016 



Many Improvements


Parent feedback: “The Mother was overall satisfied with the The Goulding Method –  seeing many improvements in her daughter over the past 3 months.


Most significant was her daughter able to express her love to the Mother verbally.  ‘Z’ will also spontaneously hug her Mother and this makes the Mother extremely happy and has improved in her physical ability.  The Mother said ‘Z’ is basically a gentle girl and her level of confidence has definitely improved. 


‘Z’ has also improved in her level of concentration as reported by the teachers and ‘Z’ has demonstrated more confidence when striking a conversation with adults and peers.  She is more cooperative and flexible now even if it is not the usual routine for some days and her ability to deal with issues is much better.


The Mother commented that she was glad that Z has the ability to express ‘No’ to situations that she doesn’t want to be part of  (as opposed to previously compliant character).  


The parents have noted about her changes in dealing with her stress systems and sensory overload.  She managed to remain calm when another autistic child suddenly hit her unexpectedly.


‘Z’ was also able to verbalise her thoughts to her parents that she had enough and would like to go back home instead of having a meltdown. Overall, the process was carried out consistently every night except for missing a few nights when ‘Z’ was staying at grandparent’s house.


Conclusion: My learning from this case experience is that The Goulding Method- only takes a few minutes nightly to help the special needs child develop emotional resilience to cope with the outside world.


It amazed me to see an autistic child to have the confidence to say “No” and with good understanding of why she wants to say that.”


Accredited Consultant: Tan May Chin: – Singapore 2016 




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