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Attention Deficit Disorder

Sharon Clarke, a Natural Therapist and Psychotherapist with a large practice in Queensland, shares the following case history.

Jamie, a five year old, presented with his mother in June 1995. He displayed aggressive behaviour, which was bordering on self-destructive. After extensive conversations with his mother, it was found that this behaviour was not common in the past. Jamie was also suffering from enuresis and a fear of being left alone. He would not dress or attempt to wash himself without Mum being present. He was experiencing difficulty in concentrating at school and trouble making friends. His mother felt I was the last resort. The referring doctor’s diagnosis was Attention Deficit Disorder, coupled with hyperactivity. Drug therapy, possibly Retinal, was her only recommendation if was not successful. History taking indicated that the mother had tried psychotherapy and counselling, vitamin and mineral therapy, coupled with allergy testing, kinesiology, changing dietary formula, massage, aromatherapy etc.

History taking also divulged the family home had been broken into 10 months prior. The perpetrator had entered Jamie’s bedroom whilst he was asleep. Personal items of Jamie’s were stolen and his prize possession, his cat, was killed.

2nd consultation: basic was taught to both Jamie’s father and mother. Within seven days Jamie was much improved. His aggression had subsided and his self-destructive behaviour had improved.

3rd consultation: Jamie had continued to improve, but was still wetting the bed and still experienced anxiety of being away from his family. “Primary Areas of Need” were commenced in addition to the basic process and these were focused on bed-wetting and fears.

4th consultation: Jamie was continuing to improve rapidly. His teachers had commented on the improvement in his behaviour and although he was still wetting the bed it was very infrequently. The family doctor thought he had been mis-diagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder, as he had rapidly improved without drug therapy, whilst the naturopath he was seeing felt they had finally found the appropriate food combinations.

5th consultation: Bed-wetting had completely stopped and he was washing and dressing himself happily.

6th consultation: Jamie presented with a slight case of over confidence. So once again, after discussions, a change to the process was agreed upon and Jamie is now a well-adjusted, normal six-year-old. Thanks, in my opinion to for Children.

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