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I have been doing just the foundation statements for the last 3 weeks and have noticed that when my 18 month old wakes now she is not screaming or crying out my name. In the last few days she has been in her cot playing and laughing.

Thanks again, Mum, ‘V’



“Amazing progress has been made for ‘Z’, her anxiety levels have been down so much and both parents report that it was possible to prep her for situations and talk her through challenges beforehand, which made a huge difference. The Goulding Method – and the communication techniques given, helped the parents to respond to ‘Z’s struggles in a different way, which they say has also had a positive influence. 

Talking her through the situation she will be facing, using rescue remedy nightly and lavender oil to help her calm down in the new situation. The grandparents send pictures of the room she is going to sleep in, so that they can use it as a prep-phase help.


The first Mind Profile questionnaire document clearly showed that the main area of concern was anxiety. ‘Z’ did manage to stay in the room with the cousins and she did so easily, to really the surprise of everyone witnessing it. 

Both parents report that there has been an in general improvement of the family situation due to the fact that both parents feel more competent with as a tool. ‘Z‘s father has softened immensely in his parenting approach with this experience, which in itself is a huge success and eases the tension between the parents quite substantially. Yeah hey The Goulding Method- !!”

Accredited Consultant – Cornelia Dahinten – Zurick 2019




“The parents feedback states that he complains less, is doing much better and is much less afraid. He is less stressed or anxious and not biting his nails/flesh anymore. The parents are happy with his progress and mentioned the first time he said to his mother: I love you Mom!  The parents said that in the mornings, ‘M’ was energetic and feels happy and that he is getting better and better. 

The end result and conclusion: The parents gave me a call end of July to thank me as their son is still improving. We are going to meet for a third session in September. I have simply loved to work with such caring parents.” 

Accredited Consultant and Trainer. Maha Lahode – Genève 2016



“Parents Feedback: Father is much involved with the children. While he agreed with mother that they need to do something with their daughter, he didn’t participate in The Goulding Method – at all (and not open to recording).

‘S’ responded well to The Goulding Method- and at check-in at the 1-week mark, Mom was feeling comfortable with doing the Process. 

Although she sometimes falls asleep with the kids,  then does the process later when she wakes up to move to her own bed. So she’s probably not getting into the optimal brain-wave frequency every time, nevertheless I encouraged her to continue every night consistently, even if it is not at the usual time.

At 5 weeks, Mom reported that ‘S’, seemed happier and less anxious day-to-day and at the 8-week mark, Mom reported that ‘S’ stood up in front of the class and volunteered to do a 2-sentence presentation she had prepared with mom at home on what she wanted to be when she grew up. She also participated in school Christmas play with a speaking line.

‘S’ came home from school and told mom “I didn’t cry in school all day today”. Mom was ecstatic. She also reported that ‘S’ is starting to take more responsibility for getting ready in the mornings. 

At 10 weeks: ‘S’ said: “Mommy, I eat myself” S. picked up her spoon during dinner and started feeding herself for the first time!  During the re-assessment, there were improvements and the biggest improvements were in the Emotional category, relating to anxiety, fears, self-esteem and ability to deal with emotions.

Accredited Consultant. KP – Canada 2015



There has been a positive change in the past month, but there are still many downsides in the field of emotions. The daddy falls asleep and the mom gets tired and occasionally misses out one or two nights of the Goulding Method- .

 According to Mom, it was enough to use the basic sentences. She is already happy with the positive changes.

he child is more successful in learning, more patient with his associates and family members, more persistent and more relaxed than before. The vibe at home is calmer and Mom also feels more relaxed.

I advised her to continue with the confirmations and, if she wants the best for her son, use the “special” affirmations offered.

After three months I saw both, mothers and children being more relaxed and patient. Also his siblings attitude has changed and the parents became more positive and hopeful regarding the effectiveness of The Goulding Method – . 

My opinion is, when the parents are more positive and more  active regarding to the process, it becomes more effective generating positive changes.

Accredited Consultant: Molnárné Kecskés Mónika Hungary – 2019



“Parents of ‘N’ state she has absolutely blossomed since starting the Goulding Method- over the past 4 months, her confidence has grown exponentially and she was just awarded a prize in a public speaking school competition, something her parents are quite astounded and thrilled with.  

She actively engages in conversation around the dinner table and happily shares her opinions and thoughts.  Her family are thrilled with the confidence she has displayed and she has been interacting well with her school friends and peers and taking great interest in school activities and happy to try new things.  She has had a significant decrease in timidity and less nervous.

Parents have enjoyed the process and feel that there is no doubt that the process has been very beneficial for their daughter.  They would like to continue the statement often as they all feel benefit.”

2018 – Accredited Consultant: Carla Pahl – HongKong



One month after the initial Foundation Process, 2nd Mind Profile questionnaire shows major changes in ‘T’. His interest in sport has improved and a remarkable change in his ability to be a calmer child.

Introduction of  Phase 3 the  specific suggestion was implemented and the Mother said she is acting very differently with the children. She is more tolerant and accepting them as children. 

She herself says it is hard to notice the changes, but the assessments give them a proper measure of the changes.”  

Accredited Consultant & Trainer:  Marilyn Colvin Boon. Qld 2013



The parents were committed to the programme. They wanted to help their child and in turn discovered ways they too could change.  There is ongoing work, but massive changes have taken place in the short time. 

There is no more mention of dying or death by their son, and he wakes as a happier child. He is coping with life much better.  I believe the regularly weekly support in the early stages of the programme helped the mother as much as it did their son.”

Accredited Consultant & Trainer:  Marilyn Colvin Boon. Qld 2013



We had our last update in December 2018. Based on the conversation, the client told me that ‘J’ is now not so afraid of meeting new people, willing to listen and share more, and engage more activities.  The client appreciated the help the process had offered her and her family. 

Although the monitoring experiment has come to an end, she will still continue to apply this process either during waking or night state.

Accredited Consultant: Lee Hong Yiap – Singapore 2018




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